That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 96

Is He Your Husband?

Josie’s intention was so obvious that Dexter saw through her easily and shot a contemptuous glance at

Embarrassed, Josie hurriedly went to put on a pair of slippers and didn’t notice Dexter’s subtle,
delightful expression.

The next few days, Josie stayed at home to rest and recover. When she went for a check–up in the
hospital, the doctor said it was a superficial wound and would recover completely by applying ointment
after the gauze was removed. As such, no scars would be left behind.

Josie was glad to hear that. While prescribing the medication, the doctor asked casually. “Miss, is the
man who sent you here that day your husband?”

Josie was surprised. Dexter seldom made public appearances, so people outside the business circle.
shouldn’t be able to recognize him. “Was it that obvious?” She asked tentatively.

“Of course! He was extremely frantic when he brought you in that day as if he wanted to get all the
doctors in the hospital to treat you. I almost wanted to call the police when I saw your body covered
with blood. It turned out you only suffered some superficial injuries.”

The doctor’s description sounded extravagant. Josie had never expected outsiders to have such an
impression of Dexter.

“I’m so sorry for the trouble caused.” The truth was the blood was Alex’s, not hers.

She had not seen Dexter for a few days. The latter seemed to be busy and had been coming home late
at night. After parking his car in the courtyard, Dexter lifted his head to see Josie sitting on the
bedroom’s balcony.

When he entered the house, Josie came downstairs in her slippers and helped Dexter to hang his coat.
“What would you like to have for dinner? I asked Mrs. Carroll to prepare several cuisines. There must
be something to your preference.”

Dexter arched an eyebrow doubtfully, does that have to do with you since the food is prepared by

Mrs. Carroll?”

“I helped with seasoning!” Josie squealed.

Dexter wore a suspicious expression while Josie pushed him to the dining room. “I’m a patient, so I
can’t cook yet. Please be more understanding. Try some, alright?”

Dexter was forced to sit in the main seat. He wasn’t particularly interested in the table full of delicious
food because he had had dinner it was an appointment with Martin at Heaven on Earth, in the same
private room.

While they were playing cards, Martin uttered with a fake smile. “Mr. Russell, it was ruthless of my
brother to mess with your woman. I apologize on his behalf.”

Dexter’s expression remained indifferent. “I was too impulsive. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t have meddled
with the matter if it wasn’t Russell Group’s employee.”

Looking shrewd, Martin shrugged. “I reckon she’s not just an employee. Rumors have been running
wild lately, saying you were all worked up for that woman because she might be your future wife.”

Martin wasn’t fabricating lies. Calvin was right – Dexter’s action had attracted others‘ attention.

the circle had been buzzing with speculations about who the woman was. However, they could only
find out that she was an employee of Russell Group and nothing else.

The fact that Dexter strictly suppressed the news was suspicious.

“Those are just rumors. I’m far from Arnold, who is popular among women. You should know that, Mr.
Lane. Dexter filled his glass. “Please take this toast as an apology to your brother. Besides, I’ll send
one million cash to his villa.”

With that, he chugged the wine.

Martin narrowed his eyes and refused to buy into the superficial apology. In contrast, he perceived that
Dexter was provoking him – one million was a drop in the bucket for Dexter.

“Let’s not beat around the bush. Mr. Russell, as a final settlement for the matter, I hope you can
increase the acquisition price of Landon. It shouldn’t be hard for you.” Martin lit up a cigarette and
smoked it. “As ‘of now, your plan has not been made known to Arnold. Otherwise, when he returns
from his business trip. and discovers the matter, the acquisition of Landon might turn into a cut–throat
competition. I’m proposing this for your good.”

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