That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 130

He Will Let the Cat Out of the Bag

Dexter said nothing. He suddenly realized that she was doing her utmost to keep her job. She was

After a long time, Dexter sat beside her on the couch and examined her design. “How much do you
have left?”

Josie was exhausted. “I’m almost done.”

Dexter said nothing. He leaned back on the couch. When he saw it clearly, he asked, “School district

Josie burst out laughing in disbelief. “You spent so much money on this project. Don’t you know what
it’s about?”

Dexter didn’t know. His initial goal for the project was for her to practice her skills.

But she didn’t seem too happy.

“Take your time. If you can’t make it, I will find a way to postpone it,” Dexter said in a low voice. He
picked up his pack of cigarettes and seemed slightly distracted.

Josie paused. She turned and looked into his cloudy eyes. “Are you trying to let the cat out of the bag?”

“So what if I am?”

He answered honestly and innocently. Josie was dumbstruck.

After a moment’s silence, a smile quietly appeared in the corners of Josie’s mouth. She used to think
Dexter didn’t have many feelings because he was cold and indifferent. But in reality, he downplayed his

kindness to others. He was silently compassionate to others without them realizing it.

Once Josie noticed it, the feelings in her heart flourished.

Josie didn’t push herself. When she was almost done, she lay at the side and slept. She only woke the
next day when Matthew came to do his rounds in the morning.


No one was beside her. Dexter had left.

For some reason, there was a coat draped on her. It was from Dexter’s suit.

Matthew examined Paul with the nurses, and a care worker entered the room. Josie packed up and
was about to go to work.

He Will Let the Cat Out of the Bag

“Jo,” Matthew called her.

Josie turned. She didn’t know why, but she felt strangely toward him since Dexter said Matthew liked


Matthew pursed his lips tightly. Rays from the rising sun landed on him, making him seem warm and

“I thought about it the whole night. Every move your husband makes isn’t ordinary. He has eyes and
ears on the whole floor and smart tricks up his sleeve. Keep yourself safe. You can call me if you’re in

Josie was startled, but it made sense when she thought about it. Dexter didn’t appear in public often. It
was only natural for Matthew to feel wary about him. But… she wasn’t in danger.

She forced a smile. “Matt, I know you care for me, but he won’t harm me. Don’t worry.”

Matthew wrinkled his brows. He looked like he wanted to say something but stopped. “It seems like you
know him well?”

“Not really. Just think about it this way. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. He won’t harm.


Matthew was still apprehensive. “Jo, are you going to get a divorce when your father wakes up?”

Josie thought about what Dexter had said when she saw Matthew like that.

Does Matt really like me?

“Matt, I’m going to be late. I’ll be leaving. I’ll come at night.” She pointed at her watch. nervously before
running out to the corridor.

Matthew was lost in thought as he watched her stumbling figure.

Josie ran downstairs and suddenly discovered that Dexter’s car was still around, and so was Chris. He
said to her respectfully, “Mrs. Russell, Mr. Russell instructed me to send you to the


Josie was surprised. “What about him?”

“Mr. Russell left in another car. He intentionally ordered me to stay back.”

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