That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 131

Chicken Soup

Josie was about to be late, so she didn’t turn Chris down. She got into the car.

On the way to the office, she thought about Matthew’s words. Will I get a divorce if Dad wakes up?

In the beginning, Josie would have gotten a divorce without hesitation and escaped Dexter. But now,
the two were entangled. It seemed like they would still be intertwined after a divorce.

The meeting was tomorrow. Josie sorted out her designs earnestly the whole day, and she immediately
packed up when it was time to leave work, preparing to go to the hospital.

Alice called after her. “Why are you in a rush? What are you doing? Are you done with the project?”

Josie stuffed her laptop into her bag, and she looked tired. “Almost. The doctors operated on my dad
yesterday and said I must think of a way to wake him up. That’s why I must go to th hospital today.”

The entire design department knew Josie’s father was in a vegetative state. Other people sighed when
they heard it, and someone interrupted, “Why don’t you ask your husband to take care of him? You’re
also working overtime. How can you bear all these on your own?”

When Josie heard it, she trembled in fright. She didn’t have the nerve to ask Dexter to care for her dad.

Alice added, “That’s right. The meeting is tomorrow. You should be cautious. It’s alright to ask your
husband to take your place for a day.”

Josie was dumbfounded. “He… he…”

Alice lowered her voice and said, “Why? Is it inconvenient?”

It’s very inconvenient! Josie’s lips twitched. “He… Didn’t I tell you? He’s not feeling well too. It’s fine. It’s
just a little more tiring for me.”

After that, she walked to the elevator guiltily.

People started discussing behind her back. “Pffi, what a shame. Josie is quite pretty, but she married
such a man. It will get tougher for her in the future.”

At this time, Claire returned and bumped into Josie. She sized Josie up strangely. “Are you done?”

Josie had a headache and sounded tired. “Yes, thanks to you, Ms. Wilcher.”

Claire sneered and raised her brows. “You better make sure there are no mistakes. Not only will
important leaders be there for tomorrow’s meeting, but government officials will be there to monitor too.
Don’t embarrass the design department.”

Josie looked away. She couldn’t be bothered to argue with Claire. She walked past Claire and


Claire gritted her teeth as she watched Josie’s figure. She felt slightly nervous. She wouldn’t let Josie
get promoted!

Dexter didn’t go to the hospital with Josie today. He left Chris for her so she could come and go as she

Although he didn’t say anything, she felt his effort.

He was cautious. Chris deliberately parked away from Russell Group, and Josie walked to him without
attracting attention.

“Is Mr. Russell very busy today, Mr. Sorby?”

Chris raised his head. “It seems like it. He has a dinner party today, so he should be quite busy. Don’t
blame him, Mrs. Russell.”

Josie couldn’t help but laugh. “Calling me Mrs. Russell is like second nature to you.”

If people kept calling her ‘Mrs. Russell, she would think that she was indeed Mrs. Russell.

It was better to not think of anything rather than have such delusions.

Josie stayed in the hospital room and took care of Paul. Mrs. Carroll sent over food and clothes from
Mason Garden.

“Mrs. Russell, here’s some chicken soup. I added vegetables that I got from the farmers’ market. Drink
it while it’s hot so you can regain some strength.”

Josie took the bowl and drank a mouthful. Sure enough, it was fragrant and delicious. “You have great

Mrs. Carroll smiled kindly. “Mr. Russell specially instructed me to deliver it on time so you won’t get

Upon hearing it, Josie burned her tongue on the soup. “He instructed you?”

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