That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 116

You're Over the Top

Dexter didn’t look away.

Josie leaned in closer, and her breath was touching his bare skin. “At least a little?”

She tried to conceal her true feelings as hard as she could. Despite her heart beating out of her chest,
she purposely acted as if she hadn’t fallen for him.

Dexter didn’t move. Suddenly, the door opened. “Dex”

Calvin’s words slowly faded when his eyes caught onto their physical state. Later, the sounds of his
hasty footsteps traveled from the hallway. “I didn’t see anything

Josie forced herself to keep her composure as she looked into Dexter’s icy cold stare. She felt a shiver
run down her spine and slowly pulled away from him to wear her shoes.

Dexter walked out of the door. “What happened?”

Calvin’s face was filled with a mischievous grin. “I won’t bother the both of you while you’re having a
good time. I’ll get the problem solved by myself.”

“Tell me.” Dexter was unbothered by his teasing. He took a cigarette from the box and placed it
between his lips.

“An executive associated with the Ardon Family is here tonight. He brought a mistress and two other

with him.”

Dexter narrowed his eyes. “Three ladies. He must be in good shape.”

Calvin had a wide grin plastered on his face as he held onto the handrail. He saw Josie standing
behind him with her arms crossed.

The Ardon Family won’t be able to escape the blame this time. I sent the evidence to you. It’ll be

Dexter took a puff of his cigarette. His mind was finally clear and composed. Thanks, I’ll treat you to
dinner next time.

“Sure. Are you bringing your wife?”

Josie noticed Calvin staring at her. She politely smiled back at him and waved.

Dexter turned his head around and glanced at her. His words lingered at the tip of his tongue, but he
swallowed back his words and warned Calvin. “If you know, then keep it to yourself. I’m only doing this
for my grandpa.”

“You’re over the top if it’s only for your grandpa. Calvin quickly changed the topic when his face turned
dark. “Don’t worry. My lips are sealed.”

Dexter didn’t say a word before snubbing the cigarette he had been smoking. He walked to Josie.
“Let’s go home.”

Josie immediately followed behind him.

They didn’t exchange a single word throughout their journey back to Mason Garden

When they arrived, Josie deleted the voice recording of Mrs. Ardon. She was too hasty with her
actions. Dexter knew the Ardon family like the back of his hand, It was true that she went overboard
today and risked his plans.

After two days, Josie’s face was much better, and she returned to work at Russell Group.

Once she entered the design department, she was met with the gazes of the people inside, making her
hair stand in surprise. She asked Alice, “Why is everyone acting this way?”

Alice sized her up and joked, “Ms. Warren, you took so many days off. Nobody from this department…
no, actually, nobody from this whole office has ever taken such a long break. How did you do it?”

Josie felt guilty. She rubbed her nose and said, “It’s a medical leave. The company isn’t that strict.”

“Did you have to take half a month off to operate on your appendicitis?”

“You’ll know once you try it out.” Josie quickly changed the topic. “You haven’t told me why everyone is
staring at me this way.”

Alice hugged the file and asked softly. “Do you know about Sylmark?

Josie contemplated briefly before answering. “Yes, the one in the south of the city, near the school

“Russell Group acquired it. Alice was feeling thrilled,

Josie was surprised at the revelation. “I heard there were many companies after Sylmark, but Russell
Group won the bidding?”

“Yes. They don’t have the resources we do. With our financial backing, acquiring that land will be a

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