That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 119

An Encounter With Arnold Carter

The man seemed to have just been woken up from his sleep. His shirt was slightly unbuttoned, and he
had a lazy, rebellious look as if he didn’t care about anything.

He slowly opened his eyes and greeted her, “Ms. Warren, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

The driver’s nerves were on edge. It was an unlucky day for him. He had almost gotten into an
accident, and to make matters worse, the person he almost hit was someone his boss knew.

Josie couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the figure sitting in the backseat. It was Arnold Carter.

The grandmother rushed to her and thanked her for saving her grandchild. She kindly advised the
grandmother to watch the little girl closely before she stepped closer to the car.

“Mr. Carter, why are you here?”

Arnold opened the door and suggested, “Should we have a talk?”

The corners of her face drew into a tight pinch as Josie quickly muttered that she had other

Her heart hammered in her chest, and she had a strong urge to run away. She wasn’t sure why, but
she had always felt that Arnold had a dangerous air about him.

Moreover, he’s Dexter’s opponent!

After she quickly mulled over her thoughts, she decided to comply with his request.

“Mr. Carter, do you have a meeting here?” Josie started to question him as soon as she got in his car.

Arnold winded up the windows. His hands were holding a cup filled with wine. “It’s a personal matter. I
came here to meet someone I knew.”

She couldn’t pry on the subject.

He left the cup in front of Josie, “I remember you’re good at drinking.”

Josie didn’t move an inch. “Mr. Carter, it’s still daytime, and I’m only here with you by coincidence. Can
I reject this offer?”

Arnold smiled at her. “You could’ve reject the two glasses of alcohol the last time, but you still drank it.”

“That was because it was related to my work. This has nothing to do with work.”

“You sure know how to separate work and personal matters.” Arnold didn’t force her to drink. Instead,
he raised a suspicion calmly. “But both work and personal matters are for Dexter, right?”

Since he mentioned Dexter, she couldn’t bring herself to answer him. Her sketchbook was sticking out
of her bag and was noticed by Arnold. He pulled it out and started to flip through the pages.

She wanted to stop him but to no avail.

Arnold commented as he flipped through the pages, “I’ve never seen any woman beside him
throughout these years. You’re the first one.”

Josie acted as if she didn’t understand his remark. “Isn’t Ms. Miller always beside him?”

“She has never made Dexter risk a partnership for her, Arnold paused and looked at her. “But you

Josie stiffened in position, and her toes curled in her shoe. “Dexter cares for his employees.”

Arnold sneered at her comment. He lifted her sketchbook and said, “Did you know that Russell Group
was never this eager to acquire the land in Sylmark? It’s more likely for the Carter Group and other
corporations to participate in this project, as it would help them to boost their popularity. However, the
Russell Group would not benefit as much from this project, as they are already well–known to the

Josie couldn’t understand what he was trying to convey. All she knew was that Russell had won
another project Arnold had wanted. “What are you trying to say?”

“I couldn’t understand why Dexter would join the bidding before. But after seeing you here, I finally
understand everything.”

Arnold tilted his head backward and looked her up and down, making her feel scared.

Josie straightened her back. She was intelligent, so she caught on immediately. After pausing for a
moment, she started to chuckle. “Mr. Carter, I never knew I was so important. Dexter is nice, but he
wouldn’t change the company’s operations for a mere employee.”

“A mere employee?”

Josie was startled by his sudden remark and felt uneasy with his prying stare.

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