That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 137

Solved It for Her

He put both hands into his pocket. “There’s no harm. I’m going to take a look.”

It was a minor meeting, but the woman had been a nervous wreck yesterday. Dexter couldn’t help but
smile when he thought of Josie’s tone.

On the twenty-seventh floor, a group of people were gathered at the entrance of the meeting. room. He
stopped. “Has the meeting started?”

Claire looked at Ivy, who was behind Dexter. Claire was sweating profusely. “Mr. Russell? Why are you

“I’m asking you a question.”

No one thought Dexter would attend the meeting, so they left one by one.

Jo… Josie isn’t here yet.” Claire didn’t dare to raise her head.

Ivy stood upright and asked in surprise. “What did you say? It’s ten o’clock. Where is she?”

At this time, Alice came out of the meeting room. Her legs immediately felt weak when she saw Dexter.
Oh no. Josie is done for this time.

Claire immediately pulled her. “Since you’re the closest to Josie, tell us. Where is she?”

Alice had no way out. “She… Twenty minutes ago, she told me she was on the way and asked me to

“What nonsense! Is she playing around with such an important meeting?” Ivy rebuked furiously.

Dexter’s face darkened, and he told Alice, “Call her.”

“I… I tried… She’s not picking up.”

Dexter’s expression changed completely, and his mystifying eyes became dark and fierce. He walked
out and used his personal cell phone to make a call.

“Where is she?”

The other party was surprised. “What? Hasn’t Mrs. Russell arrived at the office?”

“What do you mean?” Dexter’s voice slowly deepened.

He hung up shortly, and there was a coldness around him. He walked past everyone and

opened the meeting room’s doors. His awful expression instantly became serene.

“We meet again, Riley.” Dexter extended his hand.

“Why are you here, Mr. Russell?” Riley Spence, who was in charge of the Sylmark project, stood up,
surprised upon seeing Dexter.

Other leaders around Riley also stood up. Most of them felt impatient from waiting but never expected
Dexter to appear.

“How is our coffee? We’re sorry for making you wait.”

Riley shook Dexter’s hand and sighed with a laugh. “Your employee must be important since we must
wait for her, Mr. Russell.”

Dexter admitted it with a faint smile. “The employee suddenly met with a mishap, so she can’t attend
today’s meeting. I apologize on her behalf. I will buy everyone a meal next time to make amends. I
hope you can understand.”

Everyone cried out in surprise. “A mishap? What…”

Regardless if the reason was valid, Dexter had personally appeared to solve the matter. They had no
reason to get angry, for Dexter’s sake.

“I will send someone to deliver the design tomorrow. We will make it an online meeting.” Dexter said
politely. He continued patiently, “I hope that this episode today won’t affect our partnership in the

No one dared to say a word after what Dexter said. It was advantageous for them to owe Dexter a

“It’s alright. Our health comes first. I hope that your employee can get well soon, Mr. Russell.”

After leaving the twenty-seventh floor, Dexter rushed to the parking lot while Ivy ran to catch up with

His cell phone rang. “Mr. Russell, we found Mrs. Russell. She was involved in an accident on the road
in front of Russell Group. Her injuries aren’t fatal, and she’s currently being treated at City Hospital. It
was a Mercedes Benz who ran into her. The identity of the car owner is currently being investigated.”

“Continue investigating and detain that person!” Dexter’s voice echoed in the parking lot, sounding
intense and murderous.

Ivy couldn’t help but cower. She didn’t dare to say anything the whole way.

Dexter didn’t intend to hide Josie’s identity in front of her any longer.

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