That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 107

Demand for a Gift

Dexter rubbed his temple and asked, “Why did you come to find me?”

Jenny looked at him solicitously. “I’m aware that you got married to our Josie. Don’t worry; I won’t let
anyone else know about it.”

He raised his eyebrows and stared at her without saying a word.

He had an overbearing charisma that made Jenny feel small and jittery. She carefully continued, “Well,
I deserve a gift as compensation for my daughter’s hand in marriage. I understand Mr. Russell is of a
different class and background, but it’s common courtesy to treat your elderly with respect.”

Seeing how he stayed silent, Jenny grew bolder with her demands. “Now that your wife’s parents are
aware, it’s not too late to offer your respects. What do you think, Mr. Russell?”

Dexter looked down as he slowly figured out what was happening. I am aware that the man in the
hospital is considered Josie’s father, but I have no idea who you are,” he answered indifferently.

Jenny choked up before she ranted, “You’re unbelievable! I’ve also raised Josie for over ten years.
How can you act so arrogant toward me? She must’ve criticized me behind my back, as she’s always
beert ungrateful!”

Is that true?” Dexter interjected her. “If you’re Josie’s mother, you would’ve known that I’ve not only
given her thirty thousand for her father’s medical fees but have also gathered the top medical
professionals to cure her father.”

There was no hint of emotions on his face, but his words weighed her down and left her momentarily

Of course, I’m aware, but it’s a different matter. As the CEO of Russell Group, do you think you can
take away my daughter with merely thirty thousand?”

“If you knew, you should be grateful for the thirty thousand that saved your husband. But, instead,
you’re here making a scene to get more money from me.”

Dexter stroked the car keys and refuted her unreasonable claims in a composed voice.

Jenny couldn’t say anything. She took a deep breath and offered him an ultimatum. “What about this?
Give me another seventy thousand, and you can have Josie. If you’re not willing to accept this offer. I’ll
inform the media about your marriage!”

Despite her hasty character, she was quick–witted. She knew there must be a reason this marriage
couldn’t be announced to the public.

Dexter narrowed his eyes and stared at her with contempt. Finally, he bit his lips and scoffed, “You sure
have a strong appetite for money. Do you think your daughter is worth seventy thousand?”

Jenny widened her eyes. She was stunned to find out that her daughter was not as appealing to the
man as she had thought.

“Why don’t you try and see the outcome of your actions? Here, I’ll paint a picture for you. Your son is
being held forcefully in Winmont with an unreasonable boss who would take his life at any moment.
What do you think? Do you want to try and see how it feels?”

Dexter casually opened his car door, leaned his hands on the roof, and sneered at her. “At your age. I

believe you won’t last long there.”

Jenny’s eyes were flared red. “… Josie said the same thing today. It turns out that both of you are the

“It’s not a coincidence. I’m the person behind it,” he confidently admitted. Then, all of a sudden, his face
stiffened, and he turned over to glare at her just as he was about to leave. “You met Josie?”

Jenny’s feet faltered, and she took a step back without answering.

“Where did you meet her?”

In the beauty salon. It looked like she went for a facial treatment.” Jenny felt anxious and caressed the
hem of her shirt as she answered.

When her response was met with silence, she quickly explained further.

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