That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 133

Tracking the Culprit

Dexter nodded, and he held his cell phone in his other hand. “You can start sending out the

Ivy nodded, expressing that she understood. She quickly left the private room.

Josie faintly heard some noise on the other end, but it wasn’t clear. “Is that Ms. Miller?”

Dexter got up and walked out of the noisy space. He found a hidden spot where no one would notice
him. “Yes. Today is Leo’s birthday, so I came to give him a present.”

Josie acknowledged it, although she didn’t fully understand what Dexter was doing. But after the last
time, she vaguely felt he wasn’t sincere toward Mr. Ardon.

“Did Ms. Miller accompany you?” Jose asked affectionately after she thought about it for a while.

“Why? Are you jealous?” Dexter leaned his elbow against the railing. As he looked down, he saw a
group of uniformed police officers enter.

“Yes. There are rumors in the office that Ms. Miller is the only woman by your side, and she will be the
future Mrs. Russell.” Josie lay on the couch and deliberately acted coy.

“What do you think, Mrs. Russell?” Dexter put his hand on his forehead casually as he saw the group of
people enter the elevator.

Josie smiled. “They said that Russell Group wasn’t at its current scale in the early days. It was Ivy who
helped you build it up. Is it true?”

“Ivy is loyal, dependable, and skillful. It’s only natural for me to trust her.”

Nearby, the elevator rose as it went up.

Josie didn’t quite understand. “If that’s the case, I’m curious why Ms. Miller didn’t catch your heart.
She’s pretty. You could have asked her to marry you.”

“She’s been with me for too long. Grandpa wouldn’t have believed it.” Dexter wasn’t very interested.
“Did you call me at this time to criticize me, Mrs. Russell?”

Josie was startled by his mild teasing, so she explained dully, “I’m slightly nervous about the meeting

The elevator doors opened, and the uniformed officers walked out. The servers retreated when they
saw the police officers.

Dexter smiled. “You had quite a vicious demeanor when you exposed Samantha’s plagiarism. I thought
you were brave.”

“How is that the same… Wait, were you there at the time? How do you know?” Josie mumbled.

I heard about it.”

At this time, she heard shrieks and various frightened screams from his end.

“What’s happening?”

The person in the lead took out a document. “Police inspection. Please cooperate.”

After that, a group of people poured into the private room. Everyone in the room panicked. but none
were allowed to leave.

Dexter turned, and he stopped thinking about it. He loosened his tie with one hand and said to Josie, “I
will be at the meeting tomorrow.”

Josie furrowed her brows and was silent for a moment.

“Did something… happen to Leo?”

The elevator was going down, and Dexter didn’t have good reception, but Josie could still hear the
noise clearly. Dexter raised his brows. She’s pretty sharp.

“How did you guess?”

Josie never thought that it was really the case. Her throat closed up in a panic. “… I heard police
officers there. From what I understand, Leo is younger than you. If you attended his party personally, it
must not have been to merely give him a gift.”

It was to… make a move…

Dexter said coldly, “His father is very influential in Wavery and conspires with many officials. It’s not that
I wanted to make a move. He gave me the opportunity to do so.”

Josie knew Dexter wanted to mess with the Ardon family, but she never thought he would move so

“Is something wrong with Leo?”

“Yes, but not much. Everything depended on Leo.”

Ivy stood waiting at the entrance. The night was cold, and her legs were bare. She was tottering slightly
and looked weak.

She thought it was strange and furrowed her brows when she saw Dexter still on the phone

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