That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 108

Her Past

“You can’t blame me for doing this. My husband is lying on the hospital bed, and my son… my son is
being tormented in the place you sent him to. I have no choice but to rely on Joste.”

She tried to gain his pity.


Dexter threw his keys into the car and didn’t seem to be in a rush anymore. “You mentioned raised
Josie for more than ten years. Why don’t you share how you raised her during those years?”

Jenny was startled and struggled to utter a single word,

“When she was in high school, she insisted on going to the summer camp, so my husband had to work
extra hours in odd jobs to cover the cost of her camp. Later, my husband used all his ten–year savings
to send her to university. If it wasn’t for him, how would she become the person she is today!” Her eyes
wandered in fear before she continued, “What’s the point of spending so much on her education when
she ended up getting married without repaying her parents.”

Upon hearing what she said, the tiniest hint of emotion on his face had disappeared.

“What about after she went to university?”

Jenny wasn’t confident enough to persuade him anymore. Her voice became softer as she continued.
“She worked part–time and didn’t come home often. When she did return home, her father would give
her two to three hundred. He was secretive and wouldn’t provide anything for me and my son.”

It wasn’t difficult to work during college as there was ample time between classes. However, she would
struggle to save money, as she had to keep up her grades while covering all her daily expenses.

She was forced to reduce her spending on food and clothing, which was why she became very frugal.

“Mr. Russell.”

Dexter regained his senses and glanced at the woman in front of him. “You have a good daughter, but
unfortunately, she never had a good mother, he remarked with an icy tone, sending a chill down her

Jenny continued to pester him, holding his car door open and refusing to let him go. “You see.”

“Fifteen thousand will be transferred to your bank tonight. If I see you appear in front of Josie again,
you’ll face the consequences. I suggest you stay away from any trouble, even if it’s to keep your son
alive. I’ve never given a second chance to anyone.”

Dexter closed the door forcefully as soon as he warned her. Jenny fell to the ground at the sudden pull.
She wasn’t satisfied but didn’t dare to speak up again.

He wasn’t someone easy to deal with. His eyes were like cold, hard steel which glinted with a
dangerous light.

When the door to the elevator opened in the car park, the people exiting were shocked at the sight of
Ivy. “Ms. Miller, why are you here?”

Ivy emerged from the corner, her face a mask of dread. “It’s nothing”

She went into her car and leaned on the steering wheel. She felt her head was about to burst when she
heard Dexter admit he was married to Josie. Her pulse throbbed through her veins as she recalled his


How could this happen? He was clearly worried about that girl!

Ivy always thought that the people she was fighting with to win Dexter’s heart were the affluent upper-
class ladies, gorgeous top celebrities, or intelligent and successful women in their company. But he
married Josie, who was plain, ordinary, and had nothing to offer him!

She had seen Josie’s file. Josie was an unremarkable employee with average looks. Her family
background was poor, and her mother and brother had unsavory characters. Dexter was entirely out of
her league. Why did he marry her?

Ivy gripped tightly onto her steering wheel, and her eyes were red–rimmed. A bitter sense of pain coiled
around her heart as she felt defeated by an ordinary girl.

As she walked away, the middle–aged woman’s silhouette grew smaller in the rearview mirror.

Jenny’s words spurred a whirlwind in his mind. He hit the gas as his mind started racing,

Dexter and Josie arrived at Mason Garden around the same time.

Her face felt smoother after her facial treatment. When she saw Dexter’s Porsche, she immediately
walked over and knocked on the window. “Why did you come home so early?”

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