That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 129

Different Types of Affection

“Were you sad at the time? You must have been upset, right? Perhaps the person treated you well.
How would you allow them to leave your life suddenly?” Josie wasn’t implying anything. She was
immersed in her sadness.

“Sad?” Dexter said slowly. He thought of the endless rainy season back then.

The woman, who had always been intelligent and graceful, had hit him frantically that day. She slapped
him mercilessly. “If I could, I wish that I never met you. Do you know you’re a vile spawn that ruined my

Servants rushed forward and pulled her away, shouting for Dexter to leave quickly.

Dexter, who was seven years old at the time, stood frozen on the spot. His mouth was filled. with blood,
and he had looked at her numbly. “… But Mommy, I love you very much.”

He was still young, and he hadn’t known how to express his feelings at the time. He only knew how to
say ‘I love you.’

The woman turned manic. She felt agitated by what he said. She viciously picked up a cup on the table
and threw it at his face. “I don’t need you to love me! Why don’t you


For a moment, blood flowed profusely. The boy had stood on the spot and didn’t say a word. while the
entire villa went into turmoil.

Dexter composed himself and took a deep breath. “I was too young. I can’t remember well.”

He only remembered that he never expressed his feelings after that incident.

Josie didn’t know what he was thinking about. It was an ambiguous answer.

She seemed to be talking to herself. “My father means a lot to me. He would never desert me even if
the world had abandoned me. Back then, we were poor, and he had frostbite on hist hands. He was
unwilling to buy a pair of gloves for himself, but he was willing to buy me ice cream after school every
day. He didn’t even buy ice cream for Justin.”

“After I grew up, I had everything other girls did. He was young but worked two jobs because of me and
ended up sick.”

Dexter said nothing as he listened to her. He seemed to have thought of something.

Her voice choked up, and she said, “I’m going to take my laptop from the car.”

After she left, the hospital room felt cold and quiet. Only dust floated in the air, making Paul’s face
seem unrealistic. Dexter slowly sighed.

He sat closer to Paul, and after a long time, he said, “Hello. I’m Josie’s husband.”

It felt strange, so he added, “Perhaps it’s only temporary.”

There was no response.

Josie’s dad lay on the hospital bed without moving. Only the dripping of Paul’s IV reminded Dexter that
Paul was still alive.

Dexter rarely said anything emotional because he didn’t like to. Although he was still aloof at that
moment, his voice softened. “It hasn’t been easy for her for the past few years. Don’t worry. From now

on, I will do everything I can to protect her. But you are her only wish. If you don’t want to burden her,
please quickly wake up.”

After that, Paul still didn’t move. Dexter didn’t expect him to, either. Josie hadn’t been able to wake him
for the past three years. How could he wake Paul after talking to Paul for the first time?

When Josie went downstairs to take her laptop, she realized a few more bodyguards were on duty.
There were also bodyguards by Dexter’s car. She furrowed her brows. “You…”

Chris quickly said, “Mr. Russell arranged for them.”

It made sense. With his stature, sensational articles would be released if reporters saw him in the

Josie returned to the hospital room with her laptop and found Dexter sitting at his spot. He looked up at
an elm tree outside the window. Dexter had a strange expression that was hard. to figure out. Josie
didn’t know what he was thinking of.

Someone like him shouldn’t have been here, but he chose to stay. It was hard to argue with


Josie composed herself. She turned on her laptop and put it on a table before the couch.

When Dexter heard the noise, he asked her, “Are you working?”

Josie didn’t raise her head. She was focused on amending her design. “The meeting is approaching. If
I can’t submit a design, I will voluntarily take the blame and resign without Claire forcing me.”

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