That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 135

On the Way to Russell Group

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Chris was already waiting downstairs. Josie entered the car and said, “Mr. Sorby, drive steadily. I want
to put on makeup.”

Chris was surprised. “Can you put on makeup in the car?”

“You must not know about it. This is an essential skill for every working woman.”

Josie spoke daintily, then put on her makeup. She looked refined and respectable, appropriate for the

However, Chris didn’t need to deliberately drive carefully. The vehicle was steady because there was a
traffic jam.

Josie felt anxious. “How can there be a traffic jam? This road doesn’t usually have traffic.”

Chris went forward to find out what was going on and returned. “Mrs. Russell, there has been a car
accident. The traffic police are dealing with it.”.

“Is it severe?” Josie felt vaguely uneasy. They were still quite far from Russell Group.

“I saw blood on the floor.”

Traffic accidents involving blood wouldn’t usually be settled quickly. Josie looked at the time anxiously
as she sat waiting in the car.

It was almost time. Josie would be doomed if she was unprepared and arrived later than everyone else.

Josie pondered, then picked up her bag. “Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to use one of the bike-
sharing bicycles. You don’t have to drive me to the office, Mr. Sorby.”

Chris wanted to chase after her, but he couldn’t leave the car on the road. “Mrs. Russell, how will I
explain this to Mr. Russell?! Be careful!”

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