That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 106


Inside the vast office, the sun shone brightly through the large windows, slightly heating up the floor.

Ivy sat at the coffee table and poured a cup of tea. “Mr. Russell, Landon isn’t making any moves. I
believe Martin Lane wouldn’t act recklessly as he is afraid of


“The situation is different now that Arnold Carter is back.”

Dexter held a cigarette between his fingers. He slightly sniffed the cigarette and showed no hint of
concern or fear.

Ivy froze as she was pouring the tea. “Arnold Carter came back yesterday. Have you seen him?”

“Yes, in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.”

Ivy looked down and felt a surge of uneasiness creeping up her whole body. Dexter hasn’t invited her
to accompany him to any events recently. Moreover, she had no idea that he had gone to the Mandarin
Oriental Hotel yesterday or with whom he was spending his time.

She poured a cup of Earl Grey tea and passed it to Dexter. His forehead creased upon tasting it. It
wasn’t as good as the one he had last night.

Ivy noticed his expression and immediately asked, “What’s wrong?”

Dexter didn’t answer her question. Instead, he put down the cup and interjected with his own question.
“How did Arnold settle the project in Rivodia?”

“He used cash to shut them up. Nothing can’t be solved in this era with a load of money.”

“What about the public uproar?”

“He diverted their attention by revealing another buzz–worthy news through the media.”

“How’s the progress of the land in Silmark?” He lit up the cigarette and took a puff

“Everything’s in order. It’ll be in Russell Group’s hands after the bidding process.”

Ivy answered his questions diligently. Her gaze rested on the cup of tea he had only taken a sip of

Dexter nodded and didn’t ask any more questions.

Ivy observed his expression before speaking again. “Mr. Russell, the cost to acquire Silmark is quite
high. If Landon participates in the bidding, Russell Group’s capital will be strained.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll use it for practice.

Ivy couldn’t wrap her head around what he meant. Why would he take over Silmark for practice? It’s a
large property with schools surrounding it.

Dexter had only finished half his cigarette before stubbing it in the ashtray. He got up and took his coat.
“Chris is on leave today. I’ll need you to take me there.

Ivy let go of all her suspicions and followed him delightfully.

Dexter rarely drove on his own as he needed some quiet time to sort out his thoughts. An accident

be waiting for him, with his thoughts being constantly preoccupied. He only drove a few times, and it
was all because of Josic,

Dexter suited up and walked with long strides in the quiet parking lot. Ivy followed behind in high heels,
almost scampering to keep up with his pace.

She pressed the car key to unlock the car doors.

Suddenly, a large shadow appeared behind their car, and they walked directly to Dexter. He furrowed
his brows and stepped backward.

It was a middle–aged woman with wrinkled skin. She put on a broad smile, fawning upon him, as she
asked. “Are you Mr. Russell?”

Ivy stepped in front of Dexter and told her off, “Who are you? How dare you act so rudely?”

She wore cheap clothing and wasn’t someone with class or wealth.

Jenny didn’t spare a glance at Ivy as she stared at the fine man behind her. He had an extravagant
presence with an outstanding physical appearance.

“Mr. Russell, I’m Josie’s mother!”

Dexter froze as his forehead scowled into a tight knot.

His voice traveled from above Ivy’s head. “You should leave first.”

“Mr. Russell, she…”

“Do you need me to repeat my words?” Dexter lowered his tone.

Ivy had no choice but to back away and pass him the keys.

Jenny felt assured that her plan would work.

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