That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 110

Coincidentally Saw Mrs Ardon

Josie picked up the gold–colored membership card and stared at it under the sunlight. It looked like
real gold to her.

“Mr. Russell is surely a lavish spender.”

“Yes, he treats Mrs. Russell the best.

Josie smiled light–heartedly but didn’t take her words to heart. She placed the card down and patted
her face. “I can’t believe I can enjoy such luxury in this life,”

The maid was taken aback by her behavior.

After she received the card, Josie visited the beauty salon a few more times. The staff treated her
better when they saw the golden card. She even got a private room for her facial treatment and was
served fruits and drinks.

Josie felt out of place in the exclusive salon, surrounded by more beautiful and elegant women. She felt
like a small sparrow among phoenixes.


“Can I ask you something? Are the people in the VIP rooms all from a conglomerate background?
Josie asked the esthetician softly. Since Dexter spent a significant amount of money for her to get
treatment here, all the women here must’ve come from affluent backgrounds.

The esthetician patiently answered, “Yes, they are from affluent families. Most of them are married into
a conglomerate family as well.”

When her assumptions were proven correct, Josie nodded. “Are they really fierce?”

The esthetician’s lips curved into a warm smile at her remark. “Most of them. do act politely.”

After her facial treatment, she went into the washroom before leaving.

Outside the washroom stall stood a few women dressed extravagantly. Their face clearly went under
the knife before, as it was exceptionally refined and delicate.

“Mrs. Ardon, I heard Leo lost a few rounds at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Did he get scolded?” One of
the women asked.

“Hmph, that gambler! It would be hard for him to succeed in the future,” The lady addressed as Mrs.
Ardon looked upset and wiped her face with a towel.

There’s still hope. After all, he’s the only son in the Ardon Family. He’ll eventually mature and take over
the company.”

Josie overheard their conversation in the stall. The story sounded familiar.

The Ardon family? Leo Ardon? Isn’t he the young boy Dexter met at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel?

So the person outside was Mrs. Ardon? His stepmother?

“It would be faster for me to give birth to another before he finally matures, but my husband couldn’t
take it anymore.”

The two women started laughing. Their giggles made Josie’s cheeks flush with redness.

“How do you feel? I’ll be direct. You’re his second wife. After he’s kicked the bucket, how much would
he leave for you? Have you thought of a plan for yourself?”

Mrs. Ardon took a deep breath and replied, “Of course, I have a plan. I can’t only depend on the Ardon
Family. If I can’t have anything, neither should they.”

She continued slyly, “I went to Landon a few days ago to meet with their executives and obtained some


Josie’s handphone fell on the ground, and their conversation stopped abruptly. She closed her eyes,
feeling like a fool. She wished the ground would open up and swallow her..

After a short moment. Josie slowly opened the door of the stall and walked out calmly to wash her

When she was about to leave the washroom, Mrs. Ardon called after her, “Stand there!“.

Josie halted her steps nervously. “Yes?”

“Turn around.”

Her face turned ashen pale, and a wave of anxiety washed over her. Before long, she summoned up a
forceful smile and turned around. “Hello.”

Mrs. Ardon was young. She must’ve only been a few years older than Leo Ardon, but she was his

Mrs. Ardon crossed her hands in front of her chest and sized her up. “Why do you look so familiar?”

The lady behind her looked at her from head to toe before she gasped in shock, “Isn’t this the girl who
made a scene here a few days ago?”

How did she recognize her? Josie felt the edges of her face tense up. “You have a good memory. It’s

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