That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 117

She's the Main Designer

Everything can be solved with enough money. Josie chuckled at that thought.

“But you haven’t told me what this has to do with me?”

“With Sylmark in our hands, our design department will run the project now. Everyone is wondering
whether the project will be passed to you or Claire.” Alice assumed, “You came back at such a critical
time, so they must think you’re trying to fight against Claire,”

After all, if she wasn’t back, it would naturally be assigned to Claire.

But Josie wasn’t feeling optimistic about receiving the project. “Claire has participated in many big–
scale projects and is much more experienced. With the number of awards she won, I believe the
executives would be inclined to have her in charge. There’s no need to give me any false hope.

“Why do you say such a thing? You have never gotten any awards because you’ve never joined any
competition. If you went, Claire wouldn’t be acting so arrogant. Also, you don’t have enough experience
because Mr. Davidson and Samantha purposely passed the projects to other people. Based on your
skills, 1 believe everyone in the office envies you.” Alice’s words tumbled out in a single breath, her
voice rising in pitch as she felt the rage building in her chest.

Josie held onto her chin as she listened to her compliments. Her lips slowly curled up. She was telling


“You know me well, but my manager doesn’t.”

Alice pondered a while and said, “That’s not totally true. Doesn’t Mr. Russell pay a lot of attention to
you? He has a good eye for talent. I believe he wouldn’t choose recklessly.”

Josie felt her hands trembling. How did Alice know?

“Mr. Russell?”

“Yes. Maybe you caught his attention due to the incident relating to Samantha. He asked me about
your whereabouts when he passed by the last time.”

Josie wasn’t aware of this. “When did that happen?”

Alice tried to recall “Half a month ago? It was the day before you took your leave.”

Based on the timeline, it was the day Claire took credit for her work, and she left Russell Group feeling
angered. It was also the day she went to find Justin.

Josie fell silent. She suddenly thought of the kiss they had shared last night, and her heart started

Claire entered the office, her eyes narrowing as she caught sight of Josie.

Josie met her surly glare with a cool stare of her own.

“The designer for the Sylmark project has been decided,” Claire announced calmly.

Everyone’s chatter started to fill the room. “Who is it?”

“Ms. Wilcher, who did they decide on?”

The room was silent for a moment.

“The executives have asked Josie and me to form a team for the project,” Claire clenched her teeth
and forced the words out. Josie will be the main designer: I’ll assist.”

Once she announced the result, everyone gasped in shock and looked at Josie in disbelief.

Josie’s forehead wrinkled in surprise, thinking she had misheard her.

Claire marched over to her and tossed the file on her desk. “Read through everything in a day. I don’t

time to waste.

Her discontent and rage were like a raging river, threatening to sweep away anyone who That was the
moment when Josie realized it was real.

got in her way.

She scanned the document quickly, her eyes darting across the page. It was thick and had all the
‘information related to Sylmark. She knew reading it all would take her a while.

“Which executive made this decision?”

Claire laughed derisively. “You could go find out for yourself. I’m sure you got this project through shady
dealings. You can go to Sylmark on your own in the afternoon for the site research.”

She stormed out of the office and slammed the door shut behind her.

Josie didn’t bother to argue with her. Instead, she focused on the documents in front of her. After a
while. she took out her phone and started to type a message to Dexter.

She had typed out a few words but deleted them and started again.

After typing another sentence, she deleted them again.

She had been wanting to text him all morning, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

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