That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 134

The Person He Groomed

Josie was terrified. She thought that the city officials were untouchable. Still, she never imagined that
Dexter could make a move against someone so influential.

“So you didn’t actually go to give him a present, but to…” Make things difficult for Leo. “Leo likes you.
He would hate you if he found out.”

Dexter got into the car, and Ivy followed. He looked down and casually picked up a coat placed at the
side. He threw it on her legs. Ivy was pleasantly surprised.

“I can only guarantee that if something happens, he won’t have a hard time in the future.” Dexter held
his cell phone in his other hand. “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

After talking to him, Josie suddenly felt that what was happening tomorrow wasn’t a big deal, and she
naturally felt less nervous. “I’m going to sleep now. Um, Dexter…”

The man waited, and he heard her say, “Be careful.”

After that, she hung up at once. Dexter heard the dial tone in the phone, and a subtle smile appeared in
the corners of his mouth.

Ivy noticed his smile and unconsciously guessed who was on the other end. Was it Josie?

“Where is she?”

“Mrs. Ardon has been waiting for a long time,” Ivy answered quickly.

“Tell her to come in.”

The car door opened, and a woman with exquisite makeup entered. When she saw the coat covering
Ivy’s legs, she smiled at the man with his eyes shut. “You treat your assistant well, Mr. Russell.”

Ivy gripped the coat tightly and said coldly, “Get on with it.”

The woman spoke wearily. It was a bit of an occupational hazard. “With the current situation, I’m
unsure if I can keep it to myself. If you can protect me, Mr. Russell, I will serve you. faithfully.”

Dexter had yet to open his eyes. He smelled the scent of perfume on her and furrowed his brows

Ivy spoke nastily. “We’ve groomed you for so long. Are you trying to take us for granted?”

“Watch your words, Ms. Miller.”

The Person He Groomed

Ivy was dumbfounded.

“Why should I protect you?”

The man’s voice was icy. It was as bone-chilling as snow in winter.

Mrs. Ardon stared at his ethereal face, and her hand slithered up his leg. “Westin Ardon abused his
public position to attain personal gain. I have a list of people who conspired with him, including Martin. I
don’t know if this stepping stone will move you, Mr. Russell.”

Ivy glared at Mrs. Ardon’s hand.

Dexter still hadn’t opened his eyes. His leg twitched, and he shook her hand off. “Where’s the

name list?”

Mrs. Ardon’s hand shivered. She had experienced a lot, but she couldn’t conquer this man. “How can I
simply bring such a thing with me? This is part of a video. Would you like to take a look. Mr. Russell?”

He still didn’t move. Ivy intuitively took it and glanced at it. She said, “It’s real, Mr. Russell.”

Dexter slowly opened his eyes and finally looked at Mrs. Ardon. She had deliberately dressed up today
and was in a tight dress that exposed her bosom. He glanced at her and looked.


“What do you want?”

“Twenty million. And my freedom.”

“I’ll give you an additional ten million. Report it under your name. After that, I will guarantee your
safety,” Dexter said indifferently yet solemnly.

Mrs. Ardon was moved by the figure. “How will I know if you will really protect me?”

Ivy said, “Think about it. If we don’t protect you, what if you turn on Russell Group?”

Mrs. Ardon came to her senses when she heard it. “But… Westin is already on alert recently. He
doesn’t even let me enter his study room.”

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