That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 112

Aren't You Married to Him?

Josie’s heart sank. She knew that Dexter wasn’t there.

She sighed and announced, “It’s alright. I’ll leave now.”

Calvin pulled her back by her back collar, asking, “Ms. Warren, don’t you know Dex’s schedule?”

“How would I know?” Josic answered. She was already feeling frustrated she couldn’t find Dexter, but
he had to question her about it.

“Aren’t you married to him?” Calvin asked indifferently.

Josie looked unbothered by his question. But all of a sudden, her eyes widened in shock, “Dexter told

“No, but your reaction tells me it’s true.”

Calvin’s lips curled into a mysterious smile, secretly content with his discovery.

Josie took a deep breath and lightly punched his chest in frustration. “You tricked me!”

How could he act like this? Not only is he unserious all the time, but he’s also even got such petty tricks
up his sleeves.

He grinned at her reaction and moved his hands behind him. “I know everything that happens in
Wavery. The woman who could make Dex lose his cool and risk his partnership must be someone very
special to him. How can I not be attentive to my friend’s relationship?”

Josie felt like a helpless fish at the mercy of the man slicing and dicing her life.

“What relationship is there…” She spoke under her breath, still feeling exasperated by Calvin’s
approach. “Is that not true?” Calvin moved closer. “So, why are you so concerned about Dex’s safety?”

Josie froze at the spot. She wanted to refute it, but the only words that left her mouth were, “That’s not
the truth! I have no time to cater to your nonsense.”

“Follow me,” Calvin turned around.

They went into a private elevator and stopped on the third floor. Calvin brought her into a quiet private


When he saw her distressed state, Calvin gently reassured her. “Don’t worry. The same thing wouldn’t
happen twice, Stay here quietly and wait for someone to fetch you home.”

Without waiting for an answer, he closed the door and left.

She wanted to leave, but the memory of the cruel incident here rooted her to the spot. She shook the
thought away and decided to stay, knowing it would be easy to get into an accident in this dangerous

Josie sat on the sofa, pondering her unpredictable actions. She was determined to enter this place, but
now she wasn’t sure why.

Dexter’s meeting wasn’t held in Heaven on Earth but in the villa of one of Landon’s executives, Mr.

Ivy held onto his coat as she circled around the living room. Dexter had been inside for two hours.

Mrs. York poured a cup of tea for her. “Ms. Miller, don’t worry. It can take a long time when they are
discussing a complicated matter.”

Ivy looked down; her gaze rested on Mrs. York’s wrist. She wore Cartier’s new bangle, which sparkled
and gleamed in the light.

“Mr. York treats you really well”

Mrs. York raised her eyebrows and put on a warm smile. Is that so? Is it really obvious?”

Ivy chuckled softly and replied, “Most men leave their wives once they’re at the peak of their success.
But Mr. York is still loyal. You must be someone he adores very much.”

“Ms. Miller must be joking. He only did something any man should do. There’s no need to praise him
for such trivial matters. Mrs. York spoke in a calm and composed voice, her words a testament to her
elegance. She looked at the study’s door and said. “Mr. Russell is also a good man. Does he have a

Ivy’s eyes jurned gloomy. “That is Mr. Russell’s personal matter. I’m not sure.”

Mr. York was sharp and went straight to the point. “You seem like a kind and gentle woman that any
man would adore. Also, I can see the love and respect in your eyes when you look at him.”

But Derter couldn’t notice it.

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