That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 136


Josie ran to a bike-sharing station nearby and got on a bicycle. It was faster than staying in

the cat.

It took twenty minutes to get to Russell Group. Since she had a bag with her and had to go through
traffic lights, she would still be delayed, but the meeting would start one hour after she had to clock in.
The worst-case scenario was that she would be late to clock in. It wasn’t too bad.

Josie paid attention to the traffic. It was terrible during peak hours. Everyone was in a rush, and it was
slightly dangerous to cycle among cars.

After she started cycling, she suddenly realized that there seemed to be a car following her

It was a black Mercedes Benz.

She wasn’t sure, so she took two consecutive turns, and the car followed her. It would have been fine if
they were both heading to Russell Group to work, but the other party’s motive was clear. It followed
behind her from the start until the end. It sped up and slowed down when she did.

Josie furrowed her brows tightly. She couldn’t think of who would want to target her.

She didn’t know what the other party wanted. She cycled with one hand and took out her cell phone
with some difficulty to call Alice. When the call went through, Alice started shouting. “Oh, my god. Do
you know that it’s one minute to clock into work? You better be downstairs Josie’s head hurt. “I can’t
make it. I’m still on the way. How’s the situation at the office?”

“The meeting room is ready, and many leaders will arrive soon. Should I help you stall?

“Yes, please. I’m in a fix. I’ll try to get there as fast as I can.” After that, Josie stared at the turning
before her. It was an alley, and a car couldn’t fit.

She gritted her teeth and swerved to the side, leaving her initial path. She entered the alley and
stopped. She stood with one leg and turned to see the Mercedes Benz suddenly stop at the alleyway. It
had nowhere to go.

Josie smiled. “Trying to mess with me? Dream on.”

She didn’t know who the other party was, and they seemed to give up and leave. She continued cycling
as she made her way through the alley. She would arrive at Russell Group after turning a corner.

On the way, Josie was distracted as she thought about who was in the car. They couldn’t have

been sent by Dexter. Chris was still stuck in traffic.

But she had no enemies. Can it possibly be Arnold?

After she left the alley, she could see the logo of the Russell Group building when she raised her head.
She smiled. Hope lay ahead.

As she crossed a boulevard and cycled to the road, the Mercedes Benz suddenly appeared from her
left like a predator waiting for its prey. It focused on its target and drove straight at Josie.

Her pupils widened. The Mercedes Benz had a clear target and was fast. Josie had no way of avoiding
it. She couldn’t avoid it even if she braked. At the next moment, there was a massive crash. She was
hit and fell to the ground, and her body distorted. She was in pain.

Josie fell to the ground, and her laptop fell to the side. After that, she saw fresh blood and people
gathering around her.

Her hope completely vanished. She wanted to move but didn’t have the energy to do so.


At Russell Group.

Claire was pacing outside the meeting room and stared straight at the elevator. Her palms were
sweaty. “What’s going on? Why hasn’t she arrived yet? The meeting is about to start.”

Claire spoke softly and even felt slightly weak.

Many leaders had arrived and gathered in the meeting room. Alice gritted her teeth as she brought
coffee in. “I’m going to entertain the leaders. Please hold on, Ms. Wilcher. Josie will make it. She’s on
the way!”

Alice ran into the meeting room as she served everyone drinks. She explained that traffic was terrible
and Josie was still on the road, so she hoped everyone would wait.

At ten o’clock, Dexter came down from the top floor. Ivy followed him. “Mr. Russell, you don’t have to
attend the design department’s minor meeting, do you?”

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