That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 120

Fifty Percent of Love

The car speeded along the highway, and they were back in the northern part of the city.

“Ms. Warren, do you remember how I referred to you as Natasha from War and Peace?” Arnold didn’t
hold back this time. “Would you like to help me with something? I’ll be willing to pay you more than

Josie continued to chuckle. “Mr. Carter, unfortunately, I don’t have the ability and strength to keep up
two salaries.”

If she betrayed Dexter, he would not let her live.


“Don’t be in a rush to reject my offer. You might think he’s charming now, but you would soon notice
that he’s a cold–blooded and arrogant person who wouldn’t let anyone into his heart.”

Arnold spoke rapidly, but his actions were gentle as he slowly placed the sketchbook inside her bag.

“It seems like Mr. Carter understands Mr. Russell quite well?”

“After years of competing with each other, that’s a must.”

“If I’m really important to Mr. Russell, as you mention, then why would he be attracted to someone like
me? I’m sure you’ve investigated my background. I came from a normal family background with an
average–looking face. Not to mention I have nothing to offer. So what qualifies me to be cared for by
someone like Mr. Russell?” Josie only spoke the truth.

“It’s unnecessary for you to have all the perfect conditions to win a man’s heart, especially Dexter’s”
Arnold leaned nearer to Josie flirtatiously. “Ms. Warren, you don’t have to put yourself down.”

Josie felt her whole body tense up, but she kept her composure and asked, “If you know him this well.
could you tell me if he had any other women before?”

“Yes, he did,” Arnold swiftly replied.

Josie raised her eyebrows. “I didn’t mean a chaperone.”

He repeated his answer, this time with a resolute voice, “Yes, he did.

Dexter had a partner before. After all, he’s such a successful man. There’s no reason for him to stay
single all these


Josie’s smile faded all of a sudden. “If he had someone before, then I wouldn’t be able to succeed. A
cold- blooded man wouldn’t value romantic relationships.”

“My requirements are low.” Arnold leaned into her ears and said, “All I need is fifty percent. My plan will
succeed if Dexter is at least fifty percent into you.”

Josie’s breath caught in her throat, and she froze.

The car finally came to a stop.

Arnold helped her open her door and smiled alluringly. “I’m not sure where you stay, so I can only drop
you off at Russell Group.”

Josie packed her stuff. Thank you for your concern.”

“Tll wait for your response to drinks someday.”

Arnold’s final remark sent a shiver down her spine.

The sun was already down, and most employees had already left. When the security guard saw Josie,
he asked enthusiastically, “It’s late now. You still have work to do?”

Josie’s lips pressed into a tight–lipped smile, and she replied, “Yes, it’s hard to make a living.”

She stood in the elevator for a long time. Her finger hovered along the button to the highest floor as she

Arnold’s words still lingered in her mind and made her feel anxious, so she decided to take the risk.

Luckily, there wasn’t anyone there. Only the lights in Dexter’s office were on.

She went inside the office. The lamp on the wall cast a warm and soft glow within his office. Dexter
stood confidently in front of the windows. He had a lighted cigarette between his fingers, lost in his
thoughts at the darkening scenery.

Dexter was a confident and courageous man, but he was only perceived as mysterious and wild to the
outside world, like a strong force to be reckoned with whenever he set his eyes on his goals.

However, his overbearing aura was gone as she gazed upon his lone figure. It was as if he had only
allowed himself to feel lonely when no one was around.

Josie’s heart felt like it was being squeezed.

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