That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 139

Distance Between Life and Death

Josie had a dream. She dreamt that she had arrived at Russell Group safely, and Alice pulled her as
they ran forward. Alice was grumbling that Josie was too slow. Then, Josie pushed the meeting room
doors open as she apologized to the leaders. Josie hurriedly turned on her laptop, explained her
reasoning behind the design, and analyzed everything thoroughly. Everything went smoothly as she
had imagined.

Ultimately, her design was successfully approved, and everyone clapped for her. She smiled as she
looked around when she suddenly saw Dexter standing at the entrance and smirking at her.

She quickly awoke from her dream and suddenly opened her eyes. She saw a white ceiling and a
nurse standing beside her bed, adjusting her IV.

“You’re awake? I’ll call the doctor.”

Josie was startled as she sized up the things in the hospital room. She saw a coat on a chair. It
belonged to Dexter.

She cried out to the nurse, “Miss, what happened to me?”

“You were in an accident. Don’t move. Get up only after the effects of the anesthetic have. worn off. I’m
going to call the doctor.”

Soon, the nurse returned with the doctor, who examined her. The doctor had a grave expression.
“Other than your fracture, you weren’t injured badly. Rest well for a few days, and don’t move about.”

Josie only saw that her arm was in a cast at this time, and she instantly recalled that she had been hit
by a car. Her elbow was the first to break her fall when she fell to the ground. It was no wonder that she
suffered a fracture.

That’s right. I fell at the entrance of Russell Group, and I missed the meeting…

Josie grabbed the corner of the nurse’s outfit. “Miss, who sent me to the hospital? Where is the owner
of this coat?”

When Josie said it, the nurse’s smile deepened, and she was slightly shy. “The police sent you in, and
your husband was dealing with your procedures. He was just here. Take a look.” The nurse took out a
mirror and put it in front of Josie. “He personally cleaned the bruises on

face. He said you’re vain and would panic if your face had a scar.”


Other than the slightly red bruises on her face, her face was free from sand or dust.

Josie couldn’t explain her feelings. It was hard to imagine someone like Dexter patiently

Distance Between Life and Death

cleaning her face. It seemed like he also cared for her face.

“Are you unhappy?” The nurse realized she had said too much. The hospital director had instructed
that the patient in the hospital room was different, and the nurse had to take good care of the patient.
Don’t tell me their marriage isn’t as beautiful as it seems.

Josie was feeling downcast. “Where is he?”

“I think he went to take a call.”

The nurse only packed the equipment and left after Josie’s IV was completed. Josie was momentarily
lost in thought as she lay on the hospital bed alone with a dull and lifeless expression.

“Mr. Russell.” Two bodyguards stood at the door.

Josie was startled. She looked to the side and suddenly saw Dexter walking in casually with his cell
phone in his hands. He said, “You’re awake?”

Josie didn’t know why, but she started shivering when she saw him. Her eyes reddened, and she
slowly vented her suppressed feelings. “Dexter, I thought I was going to die. I really thought I would die
when the car hit me.”

Her trembling voice made Dexter quickly walk to her side. “You’re alright now.”

The lingering fear came in waves. Josie looked up at him tearfully. “I don’t have Who wants to kill me?”

any enemies.

He pursed his lips, and his voice was deep. “We’re still investigating. The driver is a hoodlum. and has
been detained. Someone must be inciting him behind the scenes.”

Someone inciting him… It must be premeditated. Josie didn’t dare to think about how long someone
had been watching her. She grabbed a corner of Dexter’s shirt. “I felt that someone had been following
me for the past few days. Is it the same person? Can you ask people to check the surveillance

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