That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 104

Jenny Turner's Outburst

The play of streetlights created captivating shadows and light, infusing the interior of the car with an
enchanting atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Josie leaned in to study the man resting with his eyes closed.

Man, what a waste. With his striking looks, he would undoubtedly stand out amidst the sea of
heartthrobs in showbiz!

“Speak up if you’ve got any questions.” Dexter was fully aware of his surroundings despite eyes closed.

Caught red–handed, Josie blushed with embarrassment.

After a brief pause, she cautiously inquired, “So, I kind of overheard you talking to the staff today. You
said Mr. Lane kidnapped Justin from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel that day. Hmm… are you aware that
he’s been lurking in your turf all along…?”

No wonder Justin hadn’t shown up for the past few days. It turned out he had already been kidnapped
by Mr. Lane. But Dexter hadn’t mentioned a single word and continued to give her rides to work as
usual. It was definitely odd.

A trace of unease flickered across Dexter’s face when Josie posed her blunt question. Still, with eyes
closed, he said, “No, I don’t.”

Josie nodded to herself but recalled his conversation with the staff. There was a contradiction in his

Something about it didn’t sit right with Josie.

Josie’s stealthily pondered on the causality. Upon glancing at Dexter once more, she noticed that his
initially tense expression had transformed into a smile.

Well, if he insisted he didn’t know, she would take his word for it.

The following day, Dexter left Mason Garden in the early hours. When Josie awoke and found him
gone, she freshened up and set off to the beauty salon. Intending to return to work as quickly as
possible. Josie spared no expense to ensure she was fully prepared.

Inside the beauty salon, one of the staff approached Josic, inquiring if she had made an appointment.
Josie promptly revealed the QR code on her phone, leading to an immediate smile and a warm

They walked through a corridor adorned with elegant aesthetics, passing a female cleaner who
instinctively lifted her gaze to welcome the approaching guest. Suddenly, the cleaner exclaimed,

Startled, Josie stood frozen, locking eyes with the middle–aged woman before her.

It was Jenny! Clutching a broom, she glared fiercely at Josie as if she wanted to devour her alive.

Acting instinctually, Josie stepped back, finding shelter behind the staff, and asked, “What do you
want?” “You told me you were broke, but here you are, pampering yourself with luxury beauty
treatments! You’re a liar!” Jenny hurled the broom on the floor, rolled her sleeves, and crossed her
arms as her anger erupted. The staff, puzzled by the situation, asked, “Ms. Warren, do you happen to
know our cleaning lady…?”

Stunned, Josie vigorously shook her head and urged the staff to keep walking. “No, no… I don’t know
her. Let’s go.”

“Don’t you dare walk away!” Jenny rushed forward, gripping Josie’s arm tightly, and scolded. “You need
to explain everything today! Did you have a hand in Justin going there? You’re despicable! How could
you send my son there and let him be kidnapped?! The Warrens are doomed!”

Justin had confided in his mother about his plan to work in Heaven on Earth to repay his debt. Jenny
was shocked when Justin revealed that he would be bound there for five or even ten years to settle his

He had also told his mother that it was all Josie’s doing, along with her wealthy husband, Dexter
Russell. the CEO of the Russell Group.

It turned out that Josie had money this whole time but didn’t lift a finger to help her own family! She just
sat back and watched the Warrens go through all the hardships of poverty without lending a helping

Josie’s frustration boiled over as she exclaimed. “Bullshit! Your son would’ve been beaten to death if it
weren’t for me! Look at this! This scar! It’s all thanks to your son!” She yanked down her mask,
revealing a

Jenny was taken aback, but she refused to release her grip on Josie and shouted at the top of her
lungs. “I don’t care! Bring my son back, or I’ll expose your relationship with the Russell Group…

Feeling flustered, Josie swiftly covered Jenny’s mouth with her hand, clenching her teeth, and
commanded in a hushed tone. “Shut up!

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