That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 109

Gifted a Golden Card


Josie took off her mask. Whenever she looked at someone, her eyes would light up with genuine
interest He almost fell into her deep, fathomless eyes. He wasn’t hurrying to get down the car, so he
winded down the windows. “Where did you go?”

Josie noticed he wasn’t in a good mood, so she answered thoughtfully, “I went out for a while. Why?”

“I asked where did you go. Dexter didn’t budge and kept his gaze fixed in her direction.

“I went to the beauty salon.

Josie finally answered Dexter honestly, but her fingers were pressed tightly into her palm, leaving
marks. She didn’t dare reveal the truth at first as it didn’t suit the image she had in front of Dexter.

But since he persisted, he must have been aware of it already.

Dexter finally left the car and went into the villa. She followed closely behind.


How did he know?

The maid helped him to remove his coat. With a graceful lift of his head, he revealed his strong, elegant
neck. “You went for a facial treatment?”

“Yes, I wanted to remove the scar and return to work as soon as possible,” Josie answered frantically.
She was afraid he would misunderstand her.

Dexter stood by her side as he lifted her chin. The delicate peach fuzz was visible on her pale skin,
making her youthful appearance stand out even more. She didn’t have lipstick on, but her lips were
rosy. He narrowed his eyes and replied, “It does look better. Have you signed up for their

Josie was astounded by his response. She shook her head and answered, “No, it’s too expensive. I’m
planning to go either once or twice only.”

“Which beauty salon did you go to? I’ll ask someone to help you get it done.”

Dexter released her chin gently, his fingers lingering for a moment before letting go completely.

Josie felt concerned as it would be too risky for him to do this openly. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.

He didn’t reply and had an inscrutable expression on his face. However, it seemed easier to converse
with him today.

Josie confidently reached out to grab onto the hand that touched her face. She felt a sudden shiver in
her spine from touching his cold hands. “Dexter, what if someone finds out you got the membership for

His gaze rested on her hands. “It’s not a problem. We’ll have it under the staff’s name.”

Josie’s lips curved into a wide, genuine smile.

“I always have to rely on your staff. I guess I can’t blame Mr. Carter for calling me Natasha from War
and Peace. Dexter, what if I truly act like a Natasha?” She batted her eyelids coyly, her eyes sparkling
with a pure and alluring gaze.

Although he had been smoking, there wasn’t a hint of a scent on his body. She was curious to see what
was beneath his perfect exterior.

Dexter peeled her fingers away as he uttered, “There won’t be such a day.”

Josie raised her hands above her head as if she was surrendering. “Really? If it was the old you, you
would have immediately pushed my hands away and would have scolded me for being delusional. But
you hesitated just now.”

The warmth of her hands still lingered.

Dexter took out a wet tissue and wiped his hands. “What about now?”

Josie’s body froze in place. She quickly averted her gaze, mortified by her foolish actions.

“Sorry, I won’t tease you anymore.”

Dexter went upstairs without saying anything to her..

Josie leaned against the door frame, her lips curving into a mischievous smile.

Would that day really not arrive? Although it looked like nothing had changed, based on her instincts,
she knew that there was something different about him.

Dexter had one positive trait. He would never make empty promises.

The next day, when Josie woke up, she saw a membership card for the beauty salon beside her bed.
Their maid informed her that she could enjoy free premium facial treatments for the next ten years.

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