That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 142

Marilyn Visiting

“When I saw the photos, I thought, isn’t this Jo? It gave me a fright. Why didn’t you tell me?!”

Old Mr. Russell chided Dexter angrily. He was about to go mad.

Dexter’s head hurt. He never expected this to go on the news. He explained patiently, “Grandpa, it’s not
a big deal. Jo’s arm fractured, and she’s been discharged. Don’t worry. Take care of yourself.”

“That’s absolutely disgraceful! She’s your wife. You’re glossing over it even after she got into something
as serious as an accident. Is a fracture no big deal? You can find out after I break your legs!” Old Mr.
Russell grew furious, and he almost lost his breath. “Give the phone to Jo. I want to talk to her!”

Dexter signaled the woman beside him with a glance. She couldn’t hold the cell phone, so he put it next
to her without moving.

“Are you alright, Jo? You can be honest with me.” Old Mr. Russell’s voice completely changed. It was
very gentle.

Josie bit the bullet and answered, “Grandpa, it’s no big deal. The newspapers are spouting nonsense.
Don’t believe them.”

“You only suffered a fracture?”

“Yes. I’ve been discharged, and I’m now going home to recuperate.”

“That’s good.” Old Mr. Russell’s voice suddenly increased in volume. “Dexter Russell.”

Dexter answered nonchalantly, “I’m here.”

“A fracture isn’t just a small matter. I’ve instructed Marilyn to go to Mason Garden to care for Jo. She
should be there now. Watch out.”

When Josie heard it, she choked on her water and tried her best to keep from coughing.

Dexter wrinkled his brows. “Why did you go through great pains to ask Marilyn to come? It’s not like
there aren’t servants in Mason Garden.”

Old Mr. Russell sneered. “So what? Marilyn has taken care of me for years and is very attentive. I will
only be reassured if she takes care of Jo.”

“What about you?”

Unlock succeeded

are many servants in Russell Mansion. I can cope. Jo’s health is crucial now. She’s the

most important,” Old Mr. Russell said erratically before immediately ending the call.

Dexter massaged his temples. He sneered. “Grandpa treats you so well.”

Josie was overwhelmed and frantic. “What should we do? If Marilyn stays in Mason Garden, we can’t
hide it.”

Marilyn was different from the servants in Mason Garden. She thought that the two had a genuine
relationship and marriage.

Dexter was calm when faced with her panic. “We can only act as a true couple.”

“Act? How are we going to act?” Josie was annoyed yet amused. The car stopped at the entrance of
Mason Garden, and a row of servants stood outside, with Marilyn in the lead. She smiled at them.

“Go down and stall. I will instruct the servants to move your belongings into the master bedroom.”

“Master… bedroom?” He forced Josie out of the car. Before she could ask further, she was in front of

“You’re here, Marilyn.” Dexter was respectful to her.

Marilyn only cared about Josie. She was taken aback when she saw Josie. “Oh my god, it’s so serious.
Come in, quick, Jo. Have a seat.”

Josie gulped and forced out a smile. “I’m sorry for troubling you, Marilyn. Um… These are the
instructions from the doctor. Please take a look at them.”

The two entered the villa, and Dexter instructed the remaining servants calmly. “Move Mrs. Russell’s
belongings into my room. Do it quickly.”

“Yes, sir.”

On the other end, Josie led Marilyn into the kitchen. When Josie saw the servants bustling upstairs,
she said, “Marilyn, I like taking herbal tonics. Can you please make me some?”

“I need good herbs to make herbal tonics. I have to go and buy them. Wait for me, Jo.” After that,
Marilyn wanted to leave.

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