That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 126

Dexter's Encouragement

Josie sat on a bench in the corridor and hugged her knees. She felt very insecure.

“Do you smell that, Dexter? It’s the smell of disinfectant. I hate this smell. It’s so suffocating.” she said

Dexter’s throat rumbled. He had never comforted such a vulnerable woman, so he didn’t know what to

Josie was still speaking. It seemed like she could only soothe the panic in her heart by talking.

“How did you feel when your grandfather was sick? Were you upset?”

Dexter sat beside her and spoke softly. I was nervous, just like you. Although I didn’t need money, I
understood clearly at that moment that we can’t defeat illnesses”

Josie shut her eyes. She felt the same today. “Everyone advised me to give up treatment for my dad
three years ago. They said he would be as good as dead if he continued living. Not only would I run out
of money, but he would also become a burden. More importantly, he would be in a lot of pain.”

“But I wanted him to stay alive, and I didn’t care. He had to survive. He’s my father. He raised me for
many years, and I haven’t repaid him. She took a deep breath, and her tears fell.

Dexter put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her into his arms. His chin rested on top of her
head. “Your dad persevered so many years because of you. He will understand.”

Josie looked up with tear-filled eyes, searching for approval. “Really? Will he really not blame me?
Then why did such a thing happen today? Is he in pain? Does he want to leave?”

Dexter raised his hands and wiped away the tears on her face. He must be angry because you haven’t
visited him in a long time.”

Josie paused and quickly nodded. “That’s right. That must be the case. I haven’t spoken to him in a
long time, so he’s angry and blames me.”

When Dexter saw her repeat it to herself continuously, his heart ached for her. All their so- called
boundaries disappeared without a trace. At that moment, he just wanted her tears to stop.

But at that moment, the doors of the operating theatre opened. Matthew was at the front, and a few
doctors in white gowns were behind him.

“Matt! How’s my dad?” Josie tottered forward.

Matthew looked away from the man behind her. His brows wrinkled slightly, and his voice

was gentle. “Don’t worry. We saved him. He’s out of danger.”

Josie felt weak, and she patted her chest. “That’s good. Why did such a thing happen today?”

Matthew took off his gloves and explained patiently, “Mr. Warren has been lying on the hospital bed for
three years. With the medicine he’s given, it’s normal for his heart to fail. Although we saved him, he
will be in bad shape in the future if he doesn’t wake up.”

Josie listened solemnly. “Alright…”

“Your family has to work hard in this aspect and try your best to wake him up.” Matthew looked at her
from the start until the end. “Jo, there isn’t much time left.”

Josie understood, and she nodded furiously. “Alright. It’s good that he survived. I will try harder after

After they finished talking, the doctors behind Matthew stepped forward and greeted Dexter
respectfully. “Hello, Mr. Russell.”

They were the medical team that Dexter had arranged.

Dexter looked up. His voice was indifferent yet restrained. “Spare no effort for the following


Matthew pursed his lips and looked at the dignified man. “Jo, this is?”

Josie came to her senses. For a moment, she didn’t know how to introduce Dexter.


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