That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 143

My Condolences

Josie stopped Marilyn. “I… I’m not in a rush. I want to have some warm water. Could you heat up some
water for me?”

Marilyn didn’t quite understand. “Alright. Please wait a moment.”

While waiting for the water to be warmed, the two looked at each other in the kitchen. Marilyn saw that
Josie was sweating, so Marilyn immediately said, “The kitchen is hot. Wait


… It’s alright. It doesn’t matter. I haven’t seen you in a long time, so I want to talk to you.” Josie
immediately waved her hands. “How is Grandpa recently?”

“He’s doing well. Don’t worry.”

“That’s good… That’s good…”

Once the water was warmed, Marilyn swiftly poured it into a glass for Josie. “Take your time. I have to
go out and buy ingredients. Wait for me. I’ll make sure you eat well tonight.”

Josie was at her wit’s end. While Marilyn was undoing her apron, Josie waved frantically at Dexter, who
was in the living room, gesturing for his help.

The latter walked over casually and stood at the entrance of the kitchen. “It’s still hot. There’s time to go
tomorrow. Don’t play favorites. I haven’t eaten your pudding in a while. Can I eat it today?”

Marilyn was startled when she heard it. She carefully sized up Dexter’s expression and stuttered
slightly. “Yes… Yes. I’ll make it now.”

Josie realized they were safe and immediately said, “I’ll have to learn from you.”

While Marilyn was busy in the kitchen, the servants were almost done moving upstairs. Josie no longer
panicked and secretly slipped out to sit beside Dexter. She asked quietly, “Why was Marilyn so agitated
when you said you wanted to eat pudding?”

Dexter was replying to emails on his laptop and didn’t look up. “I haven’t eaten it for many years.”

“Why?” She asked subconsciously.

Dexter didn’t answer her. Josie realized there must have been some kind of story, so she kept quiet,
embarrassed. When she thought he wouldn’t say anything, she heard his voice. “I haven’t eaten it
since my mother left.”

previously guessed that Dexter’s mother was no longer around. She never thought that it was really the

She carefully sized up his tense side profile and apologized. “I’m sorry… My condolences.”

Dexter paused as he was typing. His lips curled into a sneer. “It’s fine.”

After that, Marilyn oversaw everything in Mason Garden, especially when Josie had to take her
medicine. Marilyn was sent by Old Mr. Russell, so no one dared to stop her.

In the master bedroom, the servants had packed everything neatly. It really seemed like the two were
living together.

Marilyn drew a bath in the bathroom. “Go in, Jo.”

Josie nodded, and Mrs. Carroll followed her into the bathroom, but Marilyn stopped the latter. “Why are
you going in, Julie?”

“To help me take a bath.”

“To help Mrs. Russell take a bath.”

Josie and Mrs. Carroll answered in unison.

“Why are you helping her with her bath?” Marilyn had a disdainful expression. “Dex can help

with such an intimate act.”

At the side, Dexter raised his brows while Josie was flabbergasted. “I… I… don’t think it’s very

Marilyn teased her, “You two are husband and wife. Don’t be shy. It’s normal.”

She waved everyone out as she spoke. “Everyone else can leave. Which husband wouldn’t help their
injured wife take a shower?”

“Ah! Mrs. Carroll! Don’t leave!” Josie cried out in despair.

Mrs. Carroll shut the door out of consideration.

Half of Josie’s face was flushed. She didn’t want to care about anything else as she sat down. “I’m not
going to take a shower.”

She loathed the culprit at that moment. If he hadn’t hit her, she wouldn’t be at a stage where Dexter
had to help her take a bath. She could have retained her innocence!

Dexter crossed his arms and sized up the shy person before him. “Why are you nervous?”

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