That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 144

Help Her Take a Bath

“Isn’t it obvious? You’re a man, and you’ll take advantage of me. How can I not be nervous?” Josie’s
neck was flushed as she raised her head and cried out.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen your body.” Dexter laughed lightly. “It’s so-so.”

“You!” Josie pointed at him but couldn’t say anything for a long while. After that, she looked down at her
chest. “I… I have a good figure. Don’t underestimate me.”

Dexter said nothing. He turned and went into his wardrobe.

Josie panicked. She hugged herself and cried out, “I won’t yield. Don’t think of making me

Dexter came out with a black tie shortly and walked to her. “I’ll give you two choices. I’ll cover my eyes,
or you don’t have to bathe.”

Josie was surprised. She could accept it if he covered his eyes. “But… But you might touch”
somewhere sensitive.”

Dexter sneered. “It’s up to you if you want to bathe.”

“No….” Josie felt awkward. She hadn’t taken a bath for the whole day, and she felt uncomfortable. “I’ll
take a bath.”

She tried covering her eyes with the tie to test its thickness. When she confirmed that she couldn’t see
anything with the black tie around her eyes, she was reassured and allowed. Dexter to walk into the

She took off her clothes. Under the light, it was as though the woman’s fair skin was glowing. She had
a tall and full figure.

She carefully sized Dexter up. He didn’t have any expression. He seemed more solemn with the tie
around his eyes.

“When is Marilyn leaving…” Josie stepped into the bathtub. She couldn’t help but sigh when she came
into contact with the warm water.

Dexter raised his hands to support her. “It should be after your arm heals.”

“Does that mean you’ll have to help me shower daily?” Josie cried out in surprise.

“Do you think I like doing this?” Dexter said, annoyed, as he helped to wet her hair and rub

Although they lived together, they used different brands of shampoos. Josie liked the fragrance of his
shampoo. She shut her eyes and enjoyed herself as he massaged shampoo. into her hair. “Mr. Russell,
if you don’t want to operate your business anymore in the future, you can change careers and go into
the hairstyling industry.”

Dexter laughed in his rage. This woman always makes such remarks after taking advantage of me.
“Make another comment, and I’ll break your other arm. Good things come in pairs, after all.”

Josie wasn’t afraid. She laughed as she said, “You would have to help me shower for much longer.
You’ll be getting the short end of the stick.”

“You’re pretty good at finding the silver lining.” Dexter’s voice was slow. “If I remove the tie now, you’ll
get the short end of the stick.”

For a moment, the bathroom was silent. Josie immediately stopped talking and didn’t dare to say
anything else.

After washing her hair, she cleaned wherever she could by herself and only asked Dexter for help with
areas she couldn’t manage. He would only move in the direction she asked and didn’t try anything
funny. However, the strange noises from the bath gel on her skin made. her flush.

When she looked at Dexter, who was cleaning her ankles, he was still expressionless.

Josie suddenly thought of something, and her other leg reached out of the bathtub and splashed him
with water. “Mr. Russell, I heard rich people have unique desires when doing. the deed. Do you?”

Dexter was soaked by her leg moving around. He grabbed her leg.

“What deed?”

Josie felt embarrassed, “Like… those on the bed.”

“What kind of unique desires?”

Josie wanted to pull her leg back but to no avail. She couldn’t move it. He’s feigning ignorance.

“Like… Men in high positions like to be involved in bondage play, like, S, um, M…” She sized up
Dexter’s expression as she said it and emphasized the two letters.

Dexter let go of her leg, and he was splashed with more water. “I don’t.”

“How self-restrained…,” she mumbled, “but you don’t seem like those people.”

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