That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 140

The Ardon Family's Rage

She was in agony.

“It’s alright.” Dexter pulled her into his arms as she shivered. His hand stroked her hair gently. “I’ve
been investigating, and we will have results in a few days. Just rest well, okay?”

Josie buried her head in the man’s warm embrace and smelled the clean aroma of detergent. on him.
She slowly calmed down. “I always thought that I wasn’t afraid to die until the moment when I was hit. I
finally felt the gap between life and death. Dexter, I don’t want to die…”

Her tears soaked his shirt, and it made Dexter freeze. The bitterness in him grew, and his expression
was nasty.

“You won’t die with me around.”

After a moment, she said, “… What happened to the meeting? Did I mess it up?”


Dexter didn’t let go. “I said you won’t mess it up. my support.”

Warmth flooded into Josie’s fearful heart. “Does everyone have a bad impression of me?”

“If you want to make up for it, quickly gather your energy. There will be an online meeting


When Josie heard she could make up for it, she finally stopped crying and pulled away from him.

Her face was still soaked with tears. Dexter took out a napkin and wiped her tears dry. “Yes.” Josie was
just about to say something happily when she suddenly noticed a figure standing at the door through
the corner of her eye. Josie suddenly froze. “Ms. Miller?”

Ivy had documents in her hands. They didn’t know how long she had been standing there. She had a
dark and vague expression.

Josie realized something was wrong and quickly pulled away from Dexter. His hands froze mid-air, and
he lowered his gaze as he sat down. “What’s up?”

Ivy nodded and walked in. She wanted to say something when she saw Josie on the bed but stopped.

Dexter knew what lvy was thinking about. “She’s one of us. You can speak plainly.”

Ivy gritted her teeth. “Leo’s trouble has spread to Westin.”

Dexter opened the files and glanced at them. He was well aware of the situation. “Where is


“He was captured on the way to the airport, and he’s been sent to trial. He doesn’t know much. He
signed the divorce papers last night.”

“What about Mrs. Ardon?”

“She’s also at the police station.”

“Ensure she’s safe before this ends.”

Josie leaned against her pillow and carefully sized up Ivy’s expression as she discussed work matters.
Ivy was surprised when she heard it. “You’re really ensuring her safety? Mr. Russell, think of the
butterfly effect. What if she does something to harm us…”

“You don’t understand a mother’s heart. She won’t.” Dexter put the documents back together

grasp. as he glossed over them. It was as though victory was within his

Ivy left, and the door shut. The hospital room was silent once again.

Josie composed herself, feeling more rational, but her voice was still hoarse. “You discussed
something so important in front of me, Mr. Russell. Aren’t you afraid that I will expose you?”

He was slightly against the light, but his side profile seemed extremely gentle now. He smiled. “Even if I
allowed you to reveal it, would you dare to?”

Josie was at a loss for words, and she seemed rather distressed. “Aren’t you afraid that something will
happen after Ms. Miller discovers my identity?”

“She won’t do anything.”

Josie didn’t say anything else. The next day, Ivy brought Josie a laptop so Josie could attend. the
online meeting.

When Dexter left with everyone else, he saw Josie exhale nervously out of the corner of his


“How are the investigations going?” He held a cigarette in his mouth and wanted to light it, but he didn’t
bring a lighter. Ivy took one out of her bag and lit it for him.

“The Mercedes Benz was rented at a car rental shop. I’ve investigated the culprit’s identity, and he’s not
connected to anyone in Russell Group. I don’t think someone in the company did it.”

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