That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 138

An Eye for an Eye

Outside the operating theater, a light was lit up above him. This was his third time standing


The first time was for Grandpa, the second was for Paul, and the third was for Josie.

Dexter took out a pack of cigarettes and wanted to light a cigarette. His hand trembled slightly, and he
struggled momentarily before lighting his cigarette.

Ivy stood behind him and wanted to say something but stopped. She never thought that Dexter was
already treating Josie like this.

He was actually frightened… Ivy had been with him for many years, and they had experienced various
troubles, but this was her first time seeing him with such emotions….

After an hour and a half, Dexter had puffed cigarette after cigarette. He was shrouded in a smokey fog
and had a nasty expression.

At long last, the doctor exited the operating theater while wheeling Josie out. “Who is her family?”

Dexter got up and said, “I’m her husband.”

Ivy’s heart sank.

“I will inform you of her condition. Your wife has fractured her arm, so we put a splint on it. She has to
rest for a while. Other than that, she wasn’t hurt badly. She just has some minor injuries.”

Dexter looked over. Josie was lying unconscious on the hospital bed, and her left forearm was in a
cast. There were also bruises on her face. She didn’t look angry. Instead, she looked like she was on

the brink of death.

His heart tightened.

“You have to deal with her admission procedures after this. She has to stay for observation for a few

Ivy gripped her constantly vibrating cell phone tightly. She said with difficulty, “Let me go, Mr. Russell.”

Dexter was in disbelief. His cigarette continued burning, and it burnt him. He came to his senses. “She
was in an accident. Have you done a full body check-up? Is there anything wrong internally?”

The doctor gave him a form to sign. “We have. There are no other problems, but she’s in a poor mental
state. She woke up a few times during the surgery, mumbling that she needed to go to the office. Your
wife is really a workaholic.”

Dexter froze as he held the pen. His heart tightened.

Ivy arranged for a VIP hospital room. Dexter sat by Josie’s bed in the room and watched her as he was
lost in thought.

Someone came to the door shortly with a file. “Mr. Russell, here’s some information.”

Dexter took it and quickly opened it. A stack of photos spilled out. There were a few pictures of Josie
lying on the road as she was under the bicycle. Her bloody state was unpleasant, like a broken
porcelain doll.

“There was an accident from the hospital to Russell Group, which caused a huge traffic jam. Mrs.
Russell exited the car and rode a bike-sharing bicycle while someone followed her. The driver was a
hoodlum released from prison a few days ago. According to him, he just wanted to take revenge on

society. We’ve reviewed the surveillance cameras and found that he has followed Mrs. Russell for the
past few days. He did it deliberately. Someone must be inciting him behind the scenes.”

realized someone was following her. Hence, she

In some of the surveillance footage.ill hit.

deliberately went into an alley but was still hit.

Dexter sneered as he flipped through the person’s information. “Does the hoodlum drive at Mercedes

Dexter’s subordinate was startled. “Did Carter Group… Should I investigate Arnold?”

Dexter had a fierce and vicious side profile. He concluded, “It isn’t him. He wouldn’t use such simple
and vulgar ways.”

“It was today out of all days…” He hit his knee with the file absentmindedly. “What were their motives?
Did they not want Josie to attend the meeting?”

He looked at Ivy, who was at the side. He had already come up with a preliminary conclusion.
“Investigate within Russell Group.”

She pursed her lips. “… Alright.”

As Dexter spoke to his other subordinate, his voice was fierce. “Keep watch over the driver. Once the
investigation ends, I want to make him pay. An eye for an eye.”

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