That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 145

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

Dexter took out a towel to wipe his hands. “If you continue talking nonsense, you can wear your clothes

At that moment, he was against the light and seemed to glow. On top of being soaked, the black tie
covering his eyes made him appear restrained and uncontrollable.

Josie lay in the bathtub and sized him up freely while he hadn’t removed the tie around his


How will it feel to make someone so self-disciplined misbehave? Her pulse quickened just by thinking
about it.

“Josie?” He furrowed his brows when he heard no response.

“I’m here. Josie stepped out of the bathtub, and the water in it rippled. She wiped herself dry. with a
towel before sitting on one side and putting on her pajamas with difficulty. It took some effort for her to
put on her clothes. She couldn’t fasten the buttons on her back with one hand.

She looked up, aggrieved. Her voice was deliberately alluring. “Dexter, I can’t fasten it.”

He blurted out, “What…”

At the next moment, Josie walked to him. She held his large, veiny hand and put it on her fair and
smooth shoulder before slowly sliding it down. “My pajamas. What did you think?”

Behind her, the man’s breath instantly quickened, and his hands grew cold. He paused. “How am I
going to button it with my eyes close? I’ll get Marilyn.”

Josie suddenly held his hands tightly. “Don’t. You’ve already helped me with my ask for help to fasten
my buttons, won’t you be letting the cat out of the bag?”

Dexter said nothing. He could smell Josie’s fragrance.

bath. If you

“I’m not in a rush. Take your time.” Josie’s back was facing him, and her silhouette moved before him.
She had a mischievous smile. Can someone so self-restrained misbehave? She wanted to see Dexter
like that.

He had never put on clothes for a woman before, and he didn’t know how the buttons on her back were
designed. He could only try his best. He occasionally touched her soft back, and Josie cried out
seductively. “To the left. No, the right. To the right. Dexter, why aren’t you doing it properly?”

Unlock succeeded

“Know your limits, Josie Warren. His voice was hoarse. He was deliberately restraining himself.

The woman had the nerve to continue. She turned and bravely provoked him. “Why can’t you button
them? Why don’t you take off the tie?”

Dexter’s forehead suddenly twitched. He pursed his thin lips tightly and lifted his hands to remove the
tie. He didn’t have an innocent expression on his face.

Josie was like a deer trapped in headlights. She covered herself and jumped aside. “Oh my god! Why
did you really do it?” She never thought Dexter would really dare to do it!

Dexter’s initial anger dissipated when he saw her like that. He walked forward while holding his tic.

What are you going to do? I’m going to scream!”

He walked behind her and buttoned her pajamas. He wasn’t in a rush to leave. He slowly leaned close
to her ears and said softly, “You really have the nerve to try and seduce me. Why don’t you go to
Heaven on Earth and ask Calvin for some tips? He can teach you a thing or


She felt the man’s breath in her ears, and Josie felt confused. Her face flushed. “I was kidding…”

At that moment, she only wore her thin pajamas. Her neck was exposed, and her long wet. hair draped
over her shoulders. Water from her hair dripped onto the floor. She was indescribably alluring and

Dexter’s eyes reddened slightly. He reached out and put his hands around her lower abdomen before
he pulled her into his arms. Their new desire escalated rapidly at that


She was trembling, and Dexter laughed silently. He looked down slightly and saw her bosom. pressed
against him. “Are you afraid?”

The man had an overpowering demeanor, and Josie realized she couldn’t resist him. She wanted to
say she wasn’t afraid but couldn’t speak.

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