That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 141

Grandpa Knows

Dexter puffed on his cigarette and looked at the woman inside the room through the smoke.

She seemed very nervous even though the meeting was online. As she spoke, she revealed an
appropriate smile and apologized before she started her presentation.

“You haven’t dug deep enough. Ask around and investigate if anyone has a grudge against Josie in the
design department.” He looked to the side. “I remember the new head doesn’t. seem to like her much.”

Ivy’s heart sank. “She… is the head, after all. I don’t think she needs to do such a thing.”

“People are greedy. Perhaps she felt dissatisfied that I made Josie the project’s main designer.”

“Let me investigate her recent calls.” Ivy understood that there had to be a conclusion from the

Dexter answered her indifferently without looking away from Josie. Ivy looked over and couldn’t help
herself. “Mr. Russell… If I may say something.”

He answered, “Mm.”

“Why did you choose Josie?” Ivy gritted her teeth and asked the question that had been on her mind for
many days. She didn’t feel like Dexter would really fall in love with Josie.

Ash from Dexter’s cigarette fell on the floor. It was as though the question came as no surprise to
Dexter. He merely said, “She’s suitable.”

Ivy didn’t ask what about Josie was suitable. It was already inappropriate for a personal assistant like
her to ask about her boss’ private affairs. His answer made her relax slightly. Thankfully, Dexter just

thought that Josie was suitable. He wasn’t in love with her.

Ivy didn’t say anything for a long time. Dexter put out his cigarette. “Is there anything else?”

“No. I’ll be leaving, Mr. Russell.”

Josie’s design was successfully approved in the meeting. She closed the laptop happily and saw him
enter the room. She smiled and asked him, “You didn’t secretly manipulate this, did you?”

“Why aren’t


confident in your work?”

“I didn’t mean that. Do you know what one of the leaders complimented me?” Josie wanted to laugh,
but it tugged on one of the bruises on her face. She grimaI

She looked like a child seeking praise after acing a test.

Dexter laughed lightly. “Do you want to rest in the hospital or go home?”

Josie thought about it earnestly. “Do people at the company know I was in an accident?”

“Not only do they know, but they also know that I stepped in to settle the matter. You’re remarkable, Ms.

She could already imagine the rumors that were going around. “Oh no. They’re not spreading rumors
about us, are they?” More importantly, the rumor was true. She didn’t want to face it. “I think I want to
go home. It’s boring to stay in the hospital.”

At this time, she suddenly came to her senses. “But what about arm, no one will massage him.”


dad? With my fractured

“There’s the care worker,” Dexter said. “I also told Calvin to let Justin out for these few days so he can
take care of your dad.

That’s right, there’s Justin. Josie relaxed. Perhaps it will be more effective when Justin personally
repents at Dad’s bed.

“By the way.” Josie suddenly thought of something. “Dexter, has my mom… looked for you?”

Her mom had threatened to look for Dexter back at the beauty salon. There had been no news in the
past few days. Was Mom just being arrogant?

Dexter looked away and answered indifferently, “No.”

That’s good.

Josie was discharged the next day and returned to Mason Garden. On the way back, Dexter suddenly
received a call. “Dex, what happened? Was Jo in an accident?”

Henry’s voice was loud. Dexter put his cell phone further away and furrowed his brows. “How did you
know, Grandpa?”

Josie raised her head, perplexed.

“The Late Wavery News reported on it. They said that an accident happened at Russell Group’s
entrance and even included photos!”

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