That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 146

Blow Drying Hair

Both their hips were tightly pressed against each other. Dexter held Josie’s face, and she was forced to
look up.

She shut her eyes tightly and heard him say, “Have you done it before?”

She didn’t say anything as she shook her head. After that, he sneered.

Josie turned around and faced him after being taunted. She used one hand to lift his well- defined face
and said alluringly, “You’re so handsome. I’ll have a good time.”

The desire in Dexter’s eyes increased, and the smile on the corners of his lips vanished.

Her smile deepened. “Do you want to kiss me?” Her soft fingers fell on his thin lips, and she caressed
them. “I want to kiss you.”

His grip around her waist tightened, but his face subconsciously avoided her touch.

Josie touched his face again. She stood on tiptoe and said in his ear, “Just like last time.”

She could clearly see Dexter’s gaze deepening. His desire was burning within him.

“I don’t think anyone will disturb us this time.”

His breathing slowed down. “Do you think I don’t dare to do it?”

Josie’s heart was beating furiously. She was afraid. Dexter could do anything, but if she stopped now, it
wouldn’t be easy to seduce Dexter the next time.

She couldn’t give up now.

She leaned close to his lips and said softly, “You have great kissing skills, Mr. Russell. My legs went
weak from our kiss last time.”

Dexter smelled the woman’s sweet scent. He let her kiss him while the veins on his hand protruded.
This continued momentarily until she suddenly stuck out her tongue and licked. his lips. The force
around her waist increased in a split second while she backed away. He bent down, and his lips parted
as he kissed her back.

It was as though Josie had been electrocuted. She subconsciously pushed him. away forcefully, and
her breathing was rough. She put one finger up and put it against his lips. “My hair isn’t dry yet. If it
drapes around me, I’ll catch a cold. Help me dry my hair, okay?” After that, she took out a hairdryer and
handed it to him.

Unlock succeeded

slightly. Actually, she wasn’t sure if De

understood him. He wouldn’t stop if he didn’t get his way.

Dexter looked up at her, and the lust dissipated slightly after a long time. He was irritated, but he
ultimately took the hairdryer from her.

Josie breathed a sigh of relief. Her arms were covered in cold sweat.

Dexter was very gentle when he blow-dried her hair. He intentionally adjusted it to warm air. She had
thick hair, and he took some time to blow dry her hair. Her black hair drifted, and her fair back was
faintly noticeable.

Josie shut her eyes. She was completely relaxed and enjoyed herself. She was content that the head
of Russell Group had helped her bathe and blow dry her hair. Furthermore, he had pretty good skills.

“Dexter, have you ever helped other women blow dry their hair?”

His voice wasn’t loud amid the noise of the hairdryer. “It’s none of your business.”

Josie chuckled. He must still be annoyed by my reaction just now.

Soon, her hair was dry. Dexter put a bathrobe around her and wrapped her in it tightly. He let go of her
and said, “Leave.”

It was as though Josie had been set free, but she subconsciously asked, “Why?”

Dexter laughed in a rage. “It’s my turn to shower. Or do you want to take a bath wi again?”

Upon hearing it, Josie quickly ran out but shut the door out of consideration.

He stood on the spot and closed his eyes. His temples were twitching. She’s such a minx. She likes to
seduce me but doesn’t like to take responsibility.

Josie lay on the bed and smelled Dexter’s scent.

It was hard for her to resist the thrill just now. For a moment, she thought it was really going to happen.
The two had been very close, and she could clearly feel the change in Dexter’s body. She couldn’t
ignore it. The warmth had made her shudder uncontrollably.

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