That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 147

The True Culprit Emerges.

When the bathroom door opened again, Josie had fallen asleep.

She slept in the corner of the bed, and one of her hands held tightly to the corner of the covers. She
looked worried.

Dexter sighed in exasperation. He subconsciously pushed her to the middle of the bed before tucking
her in.

She slept well that night.

Josie hadn’t known how to deal with sleeping in the same bed as Dexter again, but she fell asleep
unknowingly. She woke up and realized that the bed was empty. Only the indentations on the bed and
the residual warmth indicated to her that he had slept there.

When she looked at the time, it was ten o’clock.

After Josie washed up, she went downstairs. Marilyn was bustling in the kitchen. “I’m sorry, Marilyn. I

Marilyn smiled. “You’re injured. It’s only natural for you to sleep in.”

The herbal tonic Marilyn brewed today included wolfsbane and dandelion, but it wasn’t bitter. Marilyn
had excellent skills, and Josie drank it happily. “Please make more for me next time. I want to take
some to the hospital for my dad.”

“Sure. Can your father drink it?”

“I can fill a syringe with the herbal tonic, then feed it to him through his gastric tube.”

“… It must be tough.” Marilyn looked at Josie, distressed. Marilyn sighed. “It’s alright. With Dex around,
everything will be alright in the future. Is he coming back for dinner?”

Josie choked on the herbal tonic. “He…” Is he coming back? “He should be.”

“What do you mean by that?” Marilyn was displeased. “Doesn’t he usually tell you if he’s coming back?”

“No, I didn’t mean that. Sometimes Dexter is busy, and there are unexpected situations. I can’t say

Marilyn nodded, confused. “Dex has no other way. Don’t blame him.”

o blame him?

Dexter seemed busy for the next few days. He left the house early and returned late at night.
Sometimes, he would just stay at the office.

Josie was home alone. Other than chatting with Mrs. Carroll and Marilyn, she would play games with
one hand. She was bored out of her mind.

She had nothing to do, so she opened her chat with Dexter. She typed one letter at a time. What are
you doing, Mr. Russell?’

After she sent the message, she received no reply for a long time. She only saw Dexter’s text in the
evening after her afternoon nap. I just finished a meeting. Why?”

Josie rubbed her eyes and replied. I’m bored. I’m so bored. Is there information about what happened
to me?’

This time, Dexter replied quickly. ‘Almost. The person didn’t really want to kill you. wanted you to miss
the meeting. Think about it. Who doesn’t want your design to be approved in the design department?’

He just

His message was enlightening. Josie furrowed her brows tightly and quickly came up with an answer.

Dexter replied. ‘I’ll come and pick you up at night.”

But Josie didn’t understand. Claire was already the head of the design department. Why would she do
such a thing? If anything had gone wrong, Claire would have been responsible!

She waited anxiously until the sky turned dark. Dexter’s car stopped at the entrance of Mason Garden,
and she quickly entered the car, saying, “Dexter…”

Her hurried words stopped abruptly because she suddenly realized another person was in the big car.
Ivy sat at the side with a stiff expression. “Ms. Warren.”

Dexter indicated calmly for Josie to sit down.

Ivy immediately passed Josie some information. When Dexter signaled Ivy, she started explaining. “We
discovered that Claire called someone outstation in her recent call log. The telephone card was
discarded, but we traced it to the hoodlum when we followed the IP address. This shouldn’t be a

Josie flipped through the printed call log.

Ivy added, “We can’t completely confirm it’s her. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence.”

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