That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 148

Don't Blame This on Me

Such a thing couldn’t be a coincidence. Josie was sure of it.

The scenery outside the window kept changing. “Where are we going now?”

“Claire has a social gathering at Heaven on Earth today. We’re going there now.” Ivy sized up Dexter’s
expression and realized his gaze fell on Josie from the start until the end. “Mr. Russell, I have other
things to do. See if…”

Dexter instructed the driver to stop, and Ivy exited the vehicle. She walked across the road to hail a
cab. It seemed like Ivy was heading in the opposite direction.

When Ivy left, Josie breathed a sigh of relief. A thoughtful smile was displayed at the corners of her
mouth. “Ms. Miller is really like you. I’m slightly intimidated by her.”

Dexter caught a strand of her hair and played with it. “Punishment or revenge. You decide.”

He was referring to Claire. Josie leaned back in her seat and pondered for a moment. “Will you fire


“Then, I choose revenge. She revealed a spiteful smile. “After all, I didn’t die. After being fired from
Russell Group, she won’t have a foothold in the industry. This would be more painful than a

Dexter’s gaze was fixed on her. “Messing around with her. You’re pretty good.”

When they arrived at Heaven on Earth. Dexter’s bodyguards were already keeping watch there. They
seem to have been arranged beforehand. Two bodyguards went with him while he instructed the rest to
follow Josie.

He led her to a booth, and they sat there awhile. He leaned close to her and asked, “Will you be okay

Josie laughed lightly. “Why? Do you want to watch two women fighting?”

Dexter wasn’t interested and seemed to have other things to do. He rose and left, going to a private
room upstairs.

Josie waited on the spot for a while before she saw Claire coming in with a bag, dressed scantily. She
ran straight to Josie. “Mr. Barrett, I’m late…”

Unlock succeeded

and backed away in fright when she saw Jose You Josie

Josie waved her uninjured hand and chuckled. “You seem very disappointed to see me, Ms. Wilcher.
Did you think that I was dead?”

Claire’s face paled. “I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

“You don’t?” Josie raised a wineglass and slowly walked to Claire. “Then why are you afraid to see

Claire already had a guilty conscience and retreated when faced with Josie’s demeanor. “I was just
surprised. Don’t you have a fracture? Why are you here?”

“I do. My arm is fractured.” She waved her hand in the cast and abruptly spoke louder. “Do you know
that I suffered a fracture? I almost died. Claire Wilcher! Do you think my life is a game?!”

The music was louder than Josie’s voice, but Claire understood Josie. Her back was against the wall,
and she was terrified. She couldn’t stand upright because her legs were going weak. “… What! What
does it have to do with me?! Don’t blame this on me!”

Josie took out a stack of paper from her bag. It was Claire’s call log. “Do you see this?”

Claire already had a guilty conscience and turned incoherent when she saw it. “This isn’t mine. I’ve
never made this call!”

Josie’s smile deepened. “I never said which call. Why are you defending yourself?”

“None of these calls are mine. Don’t slander me!” Claire was anxious after being tricked.

“Oh. Why don’t you show me your cell phone? Do you dare to do so?”

Claire was wary and didn’t dare to look Josie in the eye. “Why should I let you look at my phone? Stop
making assumptions, Josie Warren. You were just unlucky. Don’t make such slanderous remarks!”

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