That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 149

Taking Revenge

“Whatever,” Josie said coldly as she stood steadily. She couldn’t be bothered to talk to Claire further.
Josie poured her wine on Claire, saying, “Don’t think you can step all over me. You broke my arm, so I
will make you pay twofold.”

“Ah!” Claire shrieked loudly and glared at Josie. “You have the nerve to pour wine on me, Josie

As Claire spoke, she rolled up her sleeves and wanted to shove Josie and hit her. Before Claire could
touch Josie, a few bodyguards rushed to stop Claire. They pinned her to the floor. “You

can try!”

Claire cried out in pain after being kicked. “You came prepared, you despicable wench!”

These burly bodyguards were ruthless. Josie watched from the back and said slowly, “I initially thought
that you would be satisfied after becoming the head of the design. department. I never imagined that
you were still dissatisfied. Are you jealous that I’m more capable than you? You’re in huge trouble now.
Don’t think you can keep your job.”

Claire lay on the floor, paralyzed. Her face turned scarlet, and she covered her stomach in pain. Her
tears were flowing.

“Enjoy my gift.” Josie smiled. Before she left, she said, “I don’t ask for much. Just break both.

her arms.”

Josie had always had a bad temper since she was young. She wouldn’t make trouble, but she would
repay it twofold if someone offended her. She had done so since she was young, so she was rarely


Josie calmed down after getting her revenge. She was in a better mood than she had been for the past
few days. Just as she was headed to the washroom, she bumped into a familiar face while turning a

The man wore a cashmere vest and a leather belt. He was tall, neat, and had a flirty expression as he
stared at her.

She was taken aback. “… Mr. Carter?”

D*mn it, why is Arnold here?

Josie didn’t know how much he had witnessed. He nodded at her and laughed lightly. “What are you
afraid of, Ms. Warren? Where was the courage you showed just now?”

owling in griet. should have killed you!

Unlock succeeded

Josie forced herself to stand upright. “She harassed me first. Is there anything wrong with me repaying
the favor?”

“Of course not.”

“Then why are you teasing me, Mr. Carter?”

He had a striking appearance. It was clear that he was an experienced regular. The beautiful girls who
walked by peeked at him one after another.

“I was just complimenting how capable you are, Ms. Warren. It seems like most of Dexter’s feelings for
you are well-deserved.” Arnold was confident.

Josie forced herself to calm down and answered, “It’s not. I don’t know how you came up with

that, Mr. Carter.”

“I’ve seen those bodyguards. They look familiar.”

Josie’s gaze darkened. She never thought something like this would occur.

“Mr. Russell is kind, so he lent them to me.”

Arnold didn’t believe her. “Have a cup of tea with me, Ms. Warren?”

She had no choice at this point.

Josie felt that Arnold was very sly. He seemed to be making small talk with her, but he also implied
other things simultaneously. His emotions changed freely, unlike Dexter, who was cold and indifferent
from the start until the end.

In a large private room upstairs, Arnold took out a tea set and skillfully brewed a pot of tea. He asked
casually, “Do you drink Earl Grey tea?”

“I don’t quite like drinking tea. I can’t fall asleep at night.”

He heard it but ignored her. He was focused on pouring the tea.

“I saw the photos in The Late Wavery News. I pitied you when I saw pictures of you lying in a pool of
blood. If I were Dexter, I would also make the other party pay.”

Josie was suspicious. “What do you mean?”

Arnold suddenly understood something. “Don’t you know yet? Dexter broke the legs of the driver who
hit you. The man can never drive again.”

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