That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 150

Cold-Blooded and Ruthless

Josie didn’t know. She thought that getting her revenge on Claire was enough.

She pretended to stay calm. “It’s only natural. I would do the same if I were in Dexter’s shoes.”

Arnold revealed an admiring smile. “I told you how men can fall prey to beautiful women. previously.
This time, I’m going to tell you how.”

“You’re devious, Mr. Carter.” Josie sighed and waved her injured arm. “It’s a shame I’m not the main
female character in your stories. I’m expendable, at best.”


you heard of people carrying out their schemes behind a façade?”

Josie kept quiet.

“It’s what you two are doing.” Arnold poured her a cup of tea.

She stared at the ripples on the tea’s surface. “Mr. Carter, I’m really not who you’re looking for. I was
stirred by what you said last time, and I tried it, but Mr. Russell was aloof. He won’t be moved by me.
Why don’t we just give up?”

It was as though Arnold didn’t hear what she said. “You say I’m devious, but I’m not as meticulous as
Mr. Russell. He pulled the rug from under the Ardon family, throwing the Carter Group into chaos. He’s
so capable.”

Josie understood. The Ardon family protected Landon and Martin, which meant they also

shielded Arnold, but Dexter was merciless. It could be said he had hit two birds with one


“I don’t understand. It’s just the law of the jungle in the world, isn’t it?”

“Just like the woman who was beaten up? The only reason she’s weak and you’re strong is because
you have someone supporting you behind the scenes while she doesn’t.”

“She schemed against me first!” Josie blurted out.

Arnold looked at her silently. “Are you admitting it?”

She finally understood what he meant, and she gulped. “No matter what, I’ve worked in Russell Group
for three years. I can’t betray my boss. Mr. Carter, I can’t accept two salaries.”

“What if I tell you Dexter is cold-blooded, ruthless, and selfish?” Arnold sputtered, and the smile in the
corner of his mouth had vanished entirely.

Unlock succeeded


ned her mouth when he raised his han

door. The noise outside was suddenly heard, including voices from the room next door.

There were faint voices. “Mr. Russell! L-treat you as my brother, but you ruined my family! Why did you
do that?!”

The man’s voice was mournful and pained. The despair in his voice was piercing. Josie’s heart sank.
It’s Leo.

It turned out that Dexter was in the private room next door.

His voice wasn’t loud, but Josie could hear him say, “Get out.” There was none of the so-called
brotherly affection.

Leo didn’t leave. He cried out despairingly. “I thought you had come to wish me on my birthday. You
even gave me a car, and I was thrilled. I didn’t think you had anything to do with it when the police took
me away. But I never thought you were using me to destroy my father! Mr. Russell! Do you know how
much I have worshipped you since I was young? You were my role model!”

The private room was quiet. Dexter said nothing, and no one else dared to say anything.

“You’re so capable that you sent the Ardon family to prison. No… It was me. I harmed my dad and the
Ardon family… What do you want me to do? I’ve failed everyone. I don’t have any other family on this
earth!” Leo was crying and wailing. “Dexter Russell! You’re the devil!”

After that, he seemed to pick up something and suddenly threw it. There was a crash.

Flustered voices were heard after that. “Mr. Russell! Are you alright?”

Josie felt alarmed and subconsciously wanted to stand up.

Arnold glanced at her, and she could only sit down.

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