That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 151

Suffering in Silence

Arnold asked her, “Why? Do you want to take a look?”

Josie opened her mouth. Actually, she wasn’t sure if she could bear to witness such a scene.
Furthermore, she couldn’t show that she cared too much about Dexter, so she shook her head.

The room next door was still noisy. It seemed like someone wanted to take Leo away, but he was
struggling loudly. Suddenly, there was a thump. It was the sound of someone kneeling on the floor.

Leo was crying. “Mr. Russell… This is my last time begging. Please save my dad and the Ardon family.”

Josie shut her eyes. She understood Leo’s feelings. He had his elders to protect him and lived an easy,
luxurious, and extravagant life since he was young. He naturally felt that he was excellent. It must have
been a big blow to his pride now that his life had fallen apart, and he was kneeling to beg Dexter.

Arnold held the teacup in his hands and smiled thoughtfully.

“Do you know that the Ardon and Russell families had villas close to each other in the past? Among all
the children, Dexter liked Leo the most. Dexter always came first when studying or playing. Leo is the
son of a rich man, and he never obeyed his dad. He only listened to Dexter.”

Arnold spoke eloquently. Josie could imagine it in her head. Back at Mandarin Oriental, Leo had
admired Dexter a lot.

“It’s a shame that Leo is naïve and didn’t know that his gift was marked with a price from the start.”
Arnold poured another cup of tea for himself. “Dexter will never treat someone nicely for no reason.
Everything he did was a foreshadow. It can be said that it was for today.”

The Ardon family was influential in Wavery, and there weren’t many opportunities to attack them. Leo
could be considered the only loophole. Dexter had seen this opportunity many years ago and took Leo
under his wing. Dexter discarded his pawn decisively when it was the right time.

Every step Dexter took had been prepared long ago.

Josie felt a chill. In any case, not many people were capable of such thinking and scheming.

A voice finally came from the room next door. Dexter said indifferently, “I can’t interfere in judicial
procedures. Go home.”

Leo fell down, paralyzed. His eyes were filled with despair.

At this time, Arnold rose and folded his arms before walking out slowly.

“I was wondering why it was so noisy. As it turns out, you’re here, Dexter.”

Dexter raised his eyes. “Arnold?”

Arnold leaned against the door nonchalantly. “Am I not welcomed?”

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Arnold looked around. “Hey, isn’t this Leo? Why are you sitting on the floor? Stand up.”

Leo was numb. He couldn’t move at all.

Arnold crouched down conveniently and patted Leo’s shoulder. Arnold straightened Leo’s clothes and
said casually, “What are you doing now? You’re a man who can’t control yourself when facing
difficulties. You should learn from Mr. Russell. Back then, the Russell family was also in ruin, just like
your family now. Look at how he pretended to be obedient and suffered in silence until today.”

The air was tense in the private room. Someone beside Dexter wanted to say something, but he raised
his hand to stop them.

Arnold continued. “But of course, I’m not saying you’re like that. Dexter kept everyone in the dark while
accumulating wealth and seizing power one step at a time. He sucked his victims dry and treated
everyone as pawns. He was completely unscrupulous to take down everyone he hates.”

“Am I right, Dexter?”

Two sharp gazes met each other, each with their own motives.

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