That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 155

I Have Planned in Advance

Dexter never showed up the following week. He never returned to Mason Garden and seemed busy
with the matters involving Westin.

Marilyn was indignant on Josie’s behalf. “Even if he’s busy, he should try to come home to sleep. He
has gone overboard. I must talk to his grandfather.”

Josie knew she had angered Dexter and stopped Marilyn. “Dex is busy. There was a time when he
didn’t come home for a month due to work. Don’t worry, Marilyn.”

“It wouldn’t have mattered usually, but you are injured. As your husband, he should at least. come
home to see you.” Marilyn was confused by Dexter’s behavior.

Josie resisted laughing. Why doesit feel like I’m the daughter of the family and Dexter, the son-in- law?

“I’m almost recovered and will be able to get out of this cast after a week.” It was uncomfortable not
being able to move freely. She could not wait for her injury to be healed.

“Josie, you don’t have to hide it from me. Is Dexter seeing another woman?” Marilyn asked softly. She
looked worried.

Josie knew nothing about this. She stammered, “I don’t think so…” Dexter seemed busy every day and
had no trace of other women on him.

“You’re right. Dex has always been devoted. You don’t have to worry about this.”

Josie considered. Even if Dexter has another woman, I can’t do anything about it anyway.

Suddenly, she received a message from Alice. ‘Do you know about this? An order came from above
stating that Claire was dismissed from her position. Guess what the reason is. It’s because she
committed a crime!’

Josie did not expect the matter to be dealt with so quickly that an order came from the higher-ups in
less than a week.

‘Now, everyone is guessing whether you will take over her position. After all, you recently secured a
major project and are the most viable candidate. But I think this position is jinxed. It’s all right even if
you don’t get it.”

Josie finished reading the message and hesitated briefly before opening her messages with Dexter.
Their conversation was still stuck on the previous topic. She typed a couple of words. “Thank you.”

Unlock succeeded

wever the

e deleted it immediately before typing again.

She felt a splitting headache and had no idea how to express her remorse. After pondering for a long
time, she tossed her phone aside, not wanting to think or deal with it for now.

Meanwhile, Ivy brought a stack of documents and placed them on Dexter’s desk in his office on the top
floor of Russell Group.

“Mrs. Ardon successfully retreated and is now in Rivodia. Should I let her see her son?”

Dexter signed a document and did not look at her. “Let her see him once a week until he comes of

“Understood,” Ivy continued, “Leo hasn’t given up and sought out many old acquaintances. He even
contacted Arnold. However, no one is willing to help him.”

Dexter sneered, “No one wants to be involved with a sinking ship. He is still young.”

“Westin’s resignation will be on tonight’s news. I believe Arnold will retaliate. What should we do?”

“Let’s wait and see.” Dexter put down the pen. “I need you to meet with Leo again and tell him to drive
the car I gave him to Rivodia. The people there will receive him when they see the car.”

Ivy opened her mouth in protest. “Mr. Russell, you planned to help him all along… Aren’t you worried
he will come back to bite you?”

“He’s like a younger brother I’ve watched growing up…” He smiled slightly and recalled a certain sharp-
tongued woman scolding him for being heartless a few days ago. “He’s the only Ardon I will help. Get it
done immediately.”

“Sure.” Ivy did not leave immediately but asked tentatively, “Will you also stay in the company tonight?”

He has been staying in the company this week. That’s strange. Did he and Josie fight?



released the news about Claire?” Dexter asked instead of answering her question.

“Yes, I have. I did not expect her to be so daring to have such murderous intent.”

‘Clank: Dexter gently tossed the pen on the table.

“I’m going home tonight.”

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