That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 154

He Was Disappointed

As the man walked away, Josie noticed something wrong with his legs. He was limping.

Dexter leaned slightly to her and explained, “Around fifty thousand people are working in a few ports in
Wavery. These people are neither young nor old and have no qualifications. They had no choice but to
work in such a dangerous job of transporting cargo to provide for their families. If they were even a little
careless, it would lead to injuries.”

“It’s difficult, right?”

Josie furrowed her brow. “Yes.”

“What to do then? Should we get rid of them?” Dexter casually pulled out a cigarette case and placed a
cigarette between his lips. “If fifty thousand people lose their jobs, it will affect fifty thousand families.
How can anyone bear to do this?”

Dexter lit a cigarette as Jean listened to his words, puffing away at the cigarette.

“Yet, Westin Ardon has no qualms doing that. Wavery’s economy showed no growth but declined in the
ten years he was in charge. He also meddled with the workings of a few corporations, including
Landon. Moreover, he automated the cargo transportation work in ports to secure a profit for himself.
However, the technology of these machines is still underdeveloped. These machines not only took
away many people’s jobs but were unreliable. However, the minor delay in cargo transportation doesn’t
cause significant backlash or criticism against him. Instead, the workers were the only ones who

Josie gasped upon hearing Dexter. She frowned as she looked at the middle-aged men working hard at
the port and felt sad for them.

She never knew there was such controversy.

Dexter tapped the ashes off his cigarette and turned around to face her.

“These ports would eventually go obsolete if Russell Group hadn’t gotten involved and helped them.
There are many other matters. Do you want to hear them?” He looked into her. eyes and continued,
“Don’t you think Westin deserves to die?”

Josie was too intimidated by his gaze to speak.

“You said there are many ways to bring down the Ardon family, but you have no idea how extensive his
influence is. Any misstep will lead to my downfall. There’s very little leeway.”

Dexter came up behind her and hugged her, continuing softly, “All the money Leo uses was

his her

pity him? Unlock succeededer from corruption. With this in mind, do you still

Josie looked down. “I’m sorry…”

“I’m very disappointed in you. I know you have a kind heart, but I didn’t expect you to empathize with
the Ardon family.”

Dexter let go

of her and took a final drag of the cigarette. He tossed it on the floor, stamped it out, and left.

After he left, Josie slowly squatted on the floor and covered her face in regret. I was wrong…

The cold wind blew from the sea, and the chill worsened the pain in her heart.

She pulled out a name card from her coat pocket. There were a series of letters embossed in gold.
‘Arnold Carter.

She recalled what happened in Heaven on Earth. Arnold was about to leave the room when he
suddenly turned around and came to her side. He looked at her cryptically and touched the scar on her
cheek with his fingertips. “You are beautiful even with a wound on your face.”

Josie could not help but tremble.

“Are you a local?”


“There’s a delicious local specialty. I’ll bring you to have it if there’s a chance.”

Arnold chuckled and pushed a name card to her. “Dexter doesn’t have much interest in women, so
naturally, he doesn’t know how to cherish a lady. However, I treasure the woman I love. I like you very
much, Ms. Warren. Even if we can’t be business partners, we can consider dating.”

He whispered those words into her ears, making her uncomfortable. She hated herself for falling for his
words so easily and empathized with a malicious man.

She tore that name card into shreds and let the wind blow them.


Russell Group and Carter Group had countless conflicts. Josie would never believe Arnold. from now
on, but she also could not trust Dexter fully. Therefore, she decided not to get involved anymore. Their
feud was risky.

A slight misstep could lead to one’s downfall.

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