That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 156

Boasting 1

Old Mr. Rowland found Old Mr. Knight’s phone number and wasted no time in dialing it. The phone was
quickly answered, but the voice on the other end was not very friendly.

“Are you out of your mind? Look at what time it is now! It’s almost midnight. You may not need to sleep,
but I’m different!”

“Holland, I have good news to tell you.” However, Old Mr. Rowland was not angry at all even though he
was being yelled at. Instead, he was still in a very good mood.

“What good news could you possibly have?” Nonetheless, his old buddy snorted coldly on the other
end of the phone.

“Well, well. It’s something that you would have never expected. I have a great-grandson now.” Old Mr.
Rowland could not help but boast about his great-grandson. So, obviously, his voice was accompanied
by a hint of gloating.

There was a dead silence on the other end of the phone, and it was only after a few seconds that Old
Mr. Knight sneered, “What kind of dreams are you having?”

“I’m not dreaming. It’s the truth. You know I won’t joke about this kind of stuff. Let me ‘enlighten’ you
about how adorable, well-behaved, sensible, intelligent, and witty my great-grandson is—”

Old Mr. Knight promptly hung up on his friend, cutting Old Mr. Rowland’s excitement short. Mr. Rowland
was surprised for a moment, but swiftly dialed the number again, assuming that the hang-up was an

Regardless, Old Mr. Knight still answered the phone this time, but his tone was obviously annoyed
because he started cursing Old Mr. Rowland, “James, are you out of your mind? You should go see a


Even the cursing did not affect Old Mr. Rowland’s good mood. Instead, he burst out laughing, “Holland,
why did you hang up so quickly? I really have a great-grandson now. If you don’t believe me, I’ll send
you photos and videos tomorrow to prove it to you—”

Old Mr. Knight did not hesitate to hang up the phone again, but this time, Old Mr. Rowland did not dial
back. He decided to prove it to his old friend by sending photos and videos of his great-grandson
tomorrow. The photos and videos would surely make Old Mr. Knight jealous, especially when his great-
grandson was so adorable.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Rowland was so excited that she could not fall asleep. So, instead, she contacted toy
companies, children’s clothing companies, and anything else she could think of a child of Apollo’s age
might need in the middle of the night so that they could bring things over to her house early in the

So, the next morning, the Rowland Family received all kinds of children’s supplies ordered by Mrs.
Rowland. Keith was dumbfounded when he came downstairs and saw most of the hall was filled with
children’s supplies, leaving him with no place to even stand. He looked at his mother, who was happily
organizing all the items, and said, “Mom, are you planning to move all the children’s supplies
companies into our home?”

“I think your mother did a great job this time. Let’s see what Apollo likes when he wakes up,” said the
usually strict and frugal Old Mr. Rowland. He was fully supportive of his daughter-in-law’s actions and
had no objections whatsoever.

Mrs. Rowland’s face beamed with a sense of achievement as she replied to Keith, “Well, I don’t know
what Apollo likes, so I had to buy everything.” She had been married to the Rowland Family for so
many years, and this was the first time she had received such direct praise from her father-in-law.

Keith was speechless. He noticed that his status in the family plunged ever since Apollo arrived at the
Rowland Residence last night. No one would listen to him speak at all because everyone’s attention
was on Apollo. Well, not that he was complaining or that he was against his mother buying things for
Apollo, but he highly doubted if Apollo could even use all of them at once.

“Apollo hasn’t woken up yet, right? Don’t disturb him. Let him sleep. I’ll take care of him later.” Mrs.
Rowland thought that it was her responsibility to take care of her grandson since she was his Grandma;
her son was almost 30 years old, but never in a million years would she have dreamt that this day
would finally arrive.

Just as she finished speaking, she glanced up and saw Apollo walking down the stairs, dressed neatly
and cleanly, looking even more adorable and likable than last night.

“Ah, Apollo, you’re already up! And I can see that you’ve even washed up. I have to say that I am
amazed!” It would be disingenuous to say that she was not surprised at all. After all, most, if not all,
seven-year-olds still required adult assistance with their daily routines.

Old Mr. Rowland could not help but let out a satisfied smile. “Excellent, my boy! You’re indeed really
sensible, and of course, it’s all because of your mother’s good parenting.”

Apollo smiled gently as he heard Old Mr. Rowland praise his mother, feeling happy at the compliment.
Of course, Old Mr. Rowland had also noticed that Apollo was protective of Alice and knew that Apollo
would appreciate anyone who praised her. Therefore, he made sure to compliment Alice when he
praised Apollo as well. Regardless, his admiration for Alice was genuine and not just to please Apollo,
as he truly liked her as a person.

“Indeed, James, you are absolutely correct,” Mrs. Rowland said with a smile. She had previously
harbored some resentment towards Alice due to her unwillingness to marry, but she now understood

that her assessment of Alice had been erroneous. She had to admit that her father-in-law and son had
a keen eye for people and had noticed something in Alice that she had overlooked.

“Apollo, take a look at what Grandma bought for you. You can keep them if you like them. Otherwise,
we’ll return it,” Mrs. Rowland greeted Apollo with a smile on her face. While the Rowlands were not
short of money, Old Mr. Rowland was always thrifty, and any wasteful behavior was not allowed in the
Family. So, anything that was not chosen today would definitely be returned by Mrs. Rowland.

Apollo looked at the room full of things and did not know what to say. In fact, his Grandma had bought
everything according to the preferences of a normal seven-year-old child. Unfortunately, unbeknownst
to the Rowland Family, he had lost interest in overly childish things even though he was only seven.

Nonetheless, he still symbolically chose a few sets of clothes and some household items. He found
toys and the like to be too childish, and he stopped playing with them when he was three years old. So,
he did not choose any of the toys.

“Is this all you want? Don’t you like anything else?” Mrs. Rowland was a little stunned to see that her
grandson chose so little. He didn’t even touch the toys! She then continued coaxing, “Don’t you want
any toys? The people from the toy company say that these are the latest and best-selling toys.”

Old Mr. Rowland seemed to have realized that Apollo was far more mature and sensible than the
average child. Hence, he said, “Let him be if he doesn’t like any toys. He’s different from other children,
haven’t you noticed?”

“What kind of toys do you like? I’ll have those sent over!” Alas, Mrs. Rowland was not one to give up
that easily. After all, she had waited for a grandson for so long that she just wanted to give the best
things in the world to Apollo.

Although Apollo was only seven years old, he had inherited his mother’s extraordinary IQ and had even
outperformed her on numerous occasions. He had also inherited her amazing business acumen and
had been studying business since he was four years old. His computer abilities were likewise
exceptional. As a result, he had little interest in toys and other childish things because he had so many
productive activities to do in his spare time. Still, since he had just recently joined the Rowland Family,
he was cautious to reveal his true abilities.

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