That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 153

A-Port at Night


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Seddenly, a giant hand reached out and pinched her face. He looked in her eyes. His expression was
hard to read, bon his gaze was sharp Who did you meet today?”

Josie telt pain because he touched her wound. She gasped but made no noise gritting her teeth to bear
the pain. For some reason, she was unwilling to tell him the truth. “No one.”

The answer prompted Dexter to laugh and press her wound harder, causing it to bleed and stain his
fingertips. Was it Arnold?”

Josie pursed her lips and refused to respond. She was angry with him.

What did you say?” He still refused to release his hand that was on her wound.

She remained silent even as the pain on her face intensified.

“I suspect he’s the one who put that thought in you, Dexter concluded. “You believed him because
that’s what you think. You think I’m cold-blooded, heartless, and have no qualms using the people
around me. Is that right?”

Josie’s face flushed from the pain. She almost could not breathe. However, she still refused to speak.
After a while, Dexter finally showed mercy and let her go. She immediately covered her mouth and
coughed loudly.

“Chris, send us to the port.

The car turned and set off to another location.

Josie collapsed in a corner and touched her face. It was cool.

Wavery was located by the sea and had a few ports for transporting cargo. This was a significant
contributor to the city’s economic growth.

Dexter’s Porsche traveled into the port area. The place was surrounded by large containers, giving it
an oppressive atmosphere. Moreover, the car looked out of place, shining its bright light on the ground.

Dexter was the first to exit the car. Josie could not figure out why he brought her here. She

followed him and felt the sea wind blowing at her coat. It was so cold that she was shivering.

Dexter put his hands in his pocket and stood in the wind, looking at the scene ahead.

Many workers were busy with a few large boats docked on the coast. Their backs were hunched over
the weight of the goods, working hard for their livelihood.

Soon, a hunch-backed man got off one of the boats. His teeth were stained yellow from years. of
smoking. He rushed over to Dexter and said, “Mr. Russell, what brings you here?”

“I was nearby, so I thought I should come here to look around. When will you finish unloading and
loading the cargo?”

“Don’t worry. There won’t be any delay. My men are working overtime to meet your requirement.” The
man smiled before looking at Josie curiously.

Chris offered the man a cigarette. “Doug, Mr. Russell is not urging you to hurry. He knows your task is
not easy.”

“I understand, but if Russell Group hadn’t taken over this crumbling place, we would have lost our
source of income. Everyone is thankful to you, Mr. Russell.” Doug answered gratefully.

They chatted briefly before Dexter dismissed him and let him return to work.

Suddenly, a worker accidentally lost his balance and bumped into Dexter while carrying goods.

“Mr. Russell!” Chris rushed forward.

Josie opened her mouth in shock and instinctively took several steps forward.

“Mr. Russell, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it…” The worker gathered the goods and apologized. He looked

Dexter brushed the dust off his clothes and did not seem angry. “It’s nothing. Don’t mind


The worker thanked him profusely before continuing to move the goods.

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