That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 159

“You’ve got to admit that my great-grandson is adorable, isn’t he? Let me tell you, not only is he cute,
but he’s also particularly obedient, sensible, and intelligent. Also, he has a very high IQ. I believe he’s
on par or even better than Ethan.” Old Mr. Rowland couldn’t stop boasting about his great-grandson.

“You can brag all you want, but why would you think your great-grandson is smarter than Ethan? You
know how exceptional Ethan is.” Old Mr. Knight clearly didn’t believe Old Mr. Rowland’s words.

“That’s correct. My great-grandson is only seven years old, yet he already outplays me at chess—and
you know how skilled I am.” Old Mr. Rowland couldn’t help but call his old buddy to brag about his
remarkable great-grandson’s chess skills. It was something he was incredibly proud of and would never

“You can even make pigs fly with your words. I don’t believe you,” Old Mr. Knight rebutted.

“Well, I’ll send you the video of me playing chess with my great-grandson. The monitoring system in
our house records it automatically, and it comes with sound. So, you can be the judge after watching it.”
Old Mr. Rowland then sent said video to Old Mr. Knight, who became silent as he watched the video.

Old Mr. Rowland waited until his old buddy finished watching the video before speaking again, “Well?
Isn’t my great-grandson exceptional?”

“Hmph, I don’t think your great-grandson is actually yours. After all, he’s so adorable and intelligent that
he resembles me more obviously,” Old Mr. Knight’s tone changed noticeably after watching the video,
as he seemed to have acknowledged the child’s excellence from the bottom of his heart.

“What a rude person! Why do you always lay claims on things that aren’t yours?” Old Mr. Rowland was
so agitated that even his beard had puffed up. Had Old Mr. Knight been in front of him at that moment,
he would have been ready to engage in a fight.

“Am I wrong, though? Keith isn’t particularly good-looking or intelligent, so how could he have such a
good-looking and intelligent child?” As Old Mr. Knight spoke, his tone reeked of an unmistakable hint of
envy. Nonetheless, he also mentioned some scientific evidence to back up his statement.

“Well, my granddaughter-in-law is particularly good-looking and intelligent, so that’s why my great-
grandson is exceptional,” Old Mr. Rowland continued to boast.

Old Mr. Knight fell silent for a moment as if he was pondering on something before asking, “Who’s this
perfect granddaughter-in-law?”

“Obviously, that’s none of your business. I’ll be sure to invite you to Keith’s wedding so that you can see
it for yourself. She’s so exceptional that you’ll be jealous that Ethan couldn’t marry her.” Old Mr.
Rowland was delighted with Alice. Hence, there was no sense of contradiction when he praised her.

“What’s so great about your great-grandson anyways? No matter how outstanding he is, he won’t be
able to compete with my great-grandson.” Old Mr. Knight could not help but feel jealous and reacted
childishly even though he knew his old buddy was mostly bragging. This was especially so when he
saw the child’s cute appearance in the video. He even continued sneering, “There’s nothing to show
off. You’re just lucky to have a great granddaughter-in-law.”

“Unfortunately for you, I love showing off. My great-grandson is right here keeping me company. And
where’s yours? Oh, he hasn’t even been born yet. So, I have every right to show off, don’t I?” Old Mr.
Rowland couldn’t help but burst into laughter once again.

Old Mr. Knight hung up the phone without hesitation out of anger.

“What’s the matter? Why do you seem upset?” Old Mrs. Knight asked with concern as she came
downstairs and saw her husband looking angry.

“Hmph,” Old Mr. Knight snorted. He felt extremely uncomfortable at the moment but remained silent.
He was still fixated on the video his old friend had sent him; the child was so adorable that he did not
want to turn off the screen and kept replaying the footage on a loop.

“Oh my, whose child is this? He is so adorable!” Old Mrs. Knight walked over and saw her husband
watching Apollo’s video. She immediately became delighted. “How can there be such a pretty and cute
child? He’s even more adorable than Ethan when he was a child.”

Old Mr. Knight’s heart sank upon hearing that. He wanted to refute his wife’s words, but they were
stuck in his throat because he knew that every word she said was the truth. This child was indeed cuter
than his son.

“Whose child is this? He’s so pretty. I’m tempted to go and visit him. It’ll make me happy just by looking
at him.” She repeated the question as her eyes were glued to the video.

He snorted coldly and reluctantly replied, “He’s James’ great-grandson.”

“Wait, you mean that James Rowland?” She finally looked up and stared at her husband in disbelief. “I
remember he only has one grandson, Keith, but as far as I could remember, Keith isn’t married yet, is

“Well, he’s not, but apparently, he already has a son,” Old Mr. Knight said as he was feeling
increasingly upset, and his tone was a bit harsh.

“So, this child…?” She furrowed her brows slightly. She did not finish her sentence while waiting for her
husband to clarify the situation further.

Indeed, Old Mr. Knight understood his wife’s question. However, he still looked sulky as he explained,
“The child was only brought into the family recently for a special reason. I heard it was because it

happened when Keith was young, and it was outside of the family’s knowledge. They had just found
out about it and brought him back.”

Old Mrs. Knight was finally able to understand the gist of the story. “So, this child was raised by his
mother all along? He looks very obedient and sensible in the video. He’s definitely been raised very
well by his mother, who is likely exceptionally capable.” She was a woman, and some of her thoughts
were more delicate than those of men. She was able to find out such trivial things just by watching the

“Obviously, you didn’t hear it just now, but James just couldn’t stop praising him. I’ve known him for so
many years, and this is the first time I’ve heard him praise someone constantly. Also, I believe they’re
arranging a wedding soon.” The feeling of jealousy was increasing as Old Mr. Knight was speaking. He
just could not understand how his old buddy got so lucky; not only did he have such an excellent great-
grandson, but he also had an excellent granddaughter-in-law. What kind of luck was that?!

Old Mrs. Knight nodded repeatedly. “That’s a good thing. They should arrange a grand wedding so that
the granddaughter-in-law feels welcomed.”

“I don’t understand how James gets all the good fortune. Just take a look at this child; he is so perfect
that he doesn’t look like a Rowland. I mean, he looks just like us!” He watched the video again and

“It’s no wonder people call you a bandit,” Old Mrs. Knight scolded her husband for being unreasonable,
but it was not long before her eyes were glued on the video again as she continued, “But I have to
admit, this child is just too perfect. I mean, who wouldn’t want such a good child? It would be great if
Ethan could give me such a good-looking great-grandson.”

“Well, sorry to break it to you, he isn’t even married yet,” Old Mr. Knight retorted, and his anger level
rose a few notches just by thinking of it. “He’s no longer young, so why isn’t he getting married? Keith

even has a son now, but Ethan…”

“We should never rush things. Everything has its own timing and being too eager won’t help solve the
matter. The most important thing right now is whether Ethan likes the girl genuinely. You can’t rush a
marriage,” she comforted.

“I promise I’ll never rush him to get married if he brings me an excellent great-grandson like Keith’s.”

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