That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 160

Mr. Knight Is Searching for Someone

“I won’t urge him to get married again if he somehow manages to bring me a great-grandchild as
outstanding as Keith.” Old Mr. Knight’s words seemed to carry a hint of impulsiveness, but he also
could not pretend that the urge to have a great-grandchild was a facade after looking at the child in the

“I also desperately want such a beautiful great-grandchild, but I feel like something like this won’t
happen to Ethan.” Old Mrs. Knight had mixed feelings when she said that. She was unsure whether
she should feel gratified or sigh in pity.

“I don’t care. Ethan needs to get married as soon as possible.” He even picked up the phone as he was
saying that and wanted to give Ethan a call to convey his thoughts.

Unbeknownst to them, Ethan received a special task on the day he received his marriage certificate, so
he left that evening. He told his parents about the marriage before he left but did not have the chance
to inform others. And due to certain circumstances, it was not convenient to organize a wedding or
announce the matter.

However, he thought his father, Lawrence, would have at least shared this great news with his
grandfather. And that was where the miscommunication arose—his father thought that Ethan had
already told his grandfather. Who knew the grandparents were still being kept in the dark about his
marriage since no one thought of telling them?

Old Mrs. Knight quickly stopped her husband from making hasty calls. “Ethan doesn’t even have a
girlfriend, so how can he get married? Whom will he marry?”

“All the more reason for him to find one quickly if he still does not have a girlfriend. I don’t care whom
he marries as long as he can give me an outstanding great-grandchild.” It was quite obvious that Old

Mr. Knight was already very obsessed with Apollo.

“Well, there is no use in calling him about this. The way I see it, we should go to Rodcaster together
soon and have a talk with Ethan about this.” She looked at her husband’s slightly agitated state and
was afraid that he would say something out of line had he made the phone call.

However, he turned to stare at his wife in the eyes as soon as she suggested a trip to Rodcaster.

“Do you really think I don’t know what you’re plotting? You want to see the great-grandchild of the
Rowland Family, don’t you?”

“Don’t you want to?” Old Mrs. Knight did not attempt to hide her thoughts after being discovered. “I’ve
never seen such a cute and beautiful child before. I could barely restrain myself from outright snatching
the child into my arms. The child still brings me joy even if he’s not from our family.”

“Hmph.” Old Mr. Knight snorted lightly but did not voice any opposition or refusal. On the contrary, it
was clear that he agreed with his wife’s suggestion.

“He’s a Rowland. What’s the use in thinking of him?” He sighed lightly. That great-grandchild was
someone else’s and not his own. The more he thought about it, the more depressed he felt.

“Doesn’t matter. I’m going to Rodcaster. I just have to meet the young one.” She was usually gentle, but
she would not easily change her mind once she made a decision.

“Fine, let’s go.” He seemed to finally give in and nodded in determination. “This time, I will make sure
Ethan gets married and gives me a great-grandchild as outstanding as the one in the Rowland Family.”

He had been looking forward to holding a great-grandchild every day, and now that he saw the
outstanding great-grandchild of the Rowland Family, he just could not resist urging his own grandchild
to give birth to one too.

“But can you really force him if he doesn’t want to get married?” She shook her head gently. Although
Ethan was usually respectful toward his granddad, he was not easily swayed when it came to
significant matters like marriage.

“Well, I’ll break his leg if he refuses to.” Old Mr. Knight snorted coldly and made a ruthless remark. It
was evident that he had become so obsessed over the Rowland Family’s excellent great-grandchild
that he lost sight of his usual calm self.

At this moment, Mr. Knight, who would have had his legs broken by his grandfather if he refused to get
married, was looking for his wife everywhere.

“Mr. Knight, we’ve checked all the places, but we haven’t found Young Madam Knight.”

“We also checked all the transportation options and found no traces of her leaving Rodcaster.”

“She’s nowhere to be found in any of the properties registered under her name.”

“She’s not in any of the properties registered under the Glenn or Woland Groups either.”

“Also, we looked through the surveillance footage of all the residents in the city. Unfortunately, we can’t
find Young Madam Knight.”

“The last time we saw her was when she left the Rowland Mansion. Unfortunately, however, a part of
the route was without surveillance, and we’ve lost her since then.”

Caleb also felt confused when he reported the results. His people had been searching for Young
Madam Knight high and low, and they checked all the places they could possibly think of. So, it was
impossible that she was nowhere to be found; they would’ve been able to discover her whereabouts
even if she was hiding in a crack in the ground, given how thorough the search was.

But the truth remained that she seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Ethan furrowed his brows slightly. He knew the abilities of his men too well. Also, he deployed all
available personnel last night. Yet, they had found nothing? The only possible explanation was that she
was no longer in Rodcaster. But his men did not find any evidence of her leaving. So, where could she
have been?

She had turned off her phone, and he could not reach her at all. He finally realized that he did not know
Alice enough to the extent that he did not have any clue where to find her once she disappeared from
his life. It was a terrible feeling.

Caleb looked at Ethan’s darkened expression and asked cautiously, “Do we still want to continue with
the search, Mr. Knight?”

Well, Caleb did not think that there would be any difference even if they continued the manhunt. After
all, they had left no stone unturned throughout Rodcaster.

“Keep searching,” Ethan glanced at Caleb briefly and gave his order. He refused to believe that a
grown person could simply disappear into thin air.

He had to admit that he was also a little worried about his wife’s safety, although the likelihood of her
getting into trouble was low. The Rowland Mansion was located in a bustling area, so naturally, the
section without surveillance cameras was also filled with people. Logically speaking, no one would
choose that location to harm her.

He had people investigate both the Woland and Yeager Families, but nothing unusual was going on
there. Also, Little Fox had always been cunning and would not be easily caught. Nonetheless, he could
not help but feel worried about her safety even though he knew his analysis was accurate. And he
would not be at ease as long as he could not independently verify that she was safe and sound.

“Okay.” Caleb personally thought it was a waste of effort to continue searching, but he would still
comply with his Young Master’s order. He was also genuinely puzzled as to the whereabouts of Young
Madam Knight. It was the first time they had encountered a situation like this.

Alice, who could not be found anywhere in Rodcaster, was actually in Cliaria. She went there to deal
with the Wolands, but she had to handle the Glenns first. So, she had to be in Cliaria since the Glenn
Group was under Pierce’s name.

Pierce was still unconscious. So, she had been cautious so as not to leak his information. Otherwise, it
might attract more trouble than it was worth. The Wolands had tried to kill her more than once for their
benefit and had forced her into numerous deadly situations. One could imagine what they would have
done if they knew Pierce was still alive; they would have never allowed Pierce to breathe for another
second. Since she could not reveal anything about her brother’s situation, she used Tanner West’s
identity to evade any possible pursuits.

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