That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 162

Ethan Is Going Insane (1)

It was fine even if Pierce was still unconscious. As long as Alice took care of everything, she would be
able to keep him out of danger.

After finishing what she came for, Alice did not rush to leave. As there were just too many things she
had to deal with in Rodcaster, there was no saying when the next time she would see Pierce again
was, and so she wanted to spend more time with him.

Sensing her thoughts, Jane quietly left the room to give her some space.

As Alice sat by the bed, she did not say anything and only gazed at her brother silently. She yearned
for him to wake up, but she didn’t want him to go through the dangers she was experiencing either.

Moreover, she had no idea if Pierce could hear her speak, and she was afraid that he would be upset if
he knew what was going on, so she decided to keep some things to herself.

Just like that, Alice stayed by his side for two hours, and it was only when Jane called her for dinner
that she left the ward.

Worried about the two children, Jane couldn’t help but ask while they were having their meal, “How’s
Apollo and Caroline?”

Of course, the purpose of her question was not purely out of curiosity, but she also wanted to distract
Alice a little so that she would not be wallowing in despair.

“Jane, Caroline found her family.” The reason why Alice had not informed Jane beforehand was
because she was worried that their calls would be intercepted. However, she did not hide anything now
that they were together.

After seven years, Alice now completely treated Jane as her family.

“Really? That’s a relief.” Jane didn’t pry any further and purely felt happy for Caroline.

Alice looked at her and added, “I also helped Apollo find his biological father.”

Jane paused in her tracks, her eyes staring intently at Alice as she pressed, “Apollo’s biological father?
Who is it?”

Jane knew that there were too many threats around Alice, so she always had her guard up for all these
years, and she would not stick her nose into things that didn’t involve her. However, she just couldn’t
hold it in any longer when it came to this matter.

“It’s Keith Rowland. He saved me seven years ago.” Alice’s explanation was curt, but it made
everything crystal clear.

“Keith Rowland? Is that the Rowland Family I’m thinking about?” Jane was momentarily stunned before
her eyes gleamed. “In that case, will you let Apollo acknowledge them as his family?”

In Jane’s opinion, if Apollo admitted his relationship to the Rowland Family, they would be able to help
Alice out as they were a kind–hearted bunch.

Alice had spent many difficult years all alone, and yet there was nothing she could do to help besides
taking care of Pierce. Hence, her heart ached for Alice, and she yearned that there would be someone
who would lend her a helping hand and take the burden off her shoulders so that she would not be
bearing everything alone anymore.

“If Apollo wants to acknowledge them, I won’t stop him. I told Apollo that I made an appointment with
Keith when I arrived, and they should’ve already met by now.” As Alice continued talking, the pain on
her face finally dissipated somewhat.

Although Apollo was only seven years of age, he had strong opinions, and Alice completely respected


Alice would not communicate with the outside world when she was with Pierce, and she would even
switch off all of her devices whenever she visited in order to ensure his absolute safety. As she headed
straight for Pierce’s quarters after disembarking the plane, her phone remained switched off the entire
time, leaving her unable to check on Apollo’s situation.

However, she knew his capabilities well, and the Rowland Family were decent people. If Apollo wanted
to acknowledge them as his kin, it would most likely go smoothly. In fact, he might already be at their
residence. As she was about to tackle the Woland and Yeager Families soon, she would be able to rest
easy if Apollo had the Rowland Family’s protection.

“Good, good.” Jane bobbed her head, her mood clearly lifted by the news. “When are you going back?”

“I have a flight tonight, and I’ll reach Rodcaster tomorrow at noon.” Knowing that Jane was concerned
about her, Alice let out a chuckle. “Don’t worry, Jane. I’ve already settled everything in Rodcaster, and I
can start the plan as soon as I arrive.”

“You must be careful.” However, rather than reassuring her, Alice’s words caused Jane’s heart to soar
to her throat instead. “Alice, I understand your wish for revenge, but your safety is the most important.
You must stay safe for Apollo’s sake and also your brother’s.”

Jane did not want Pierce’s situation to become a burden on Alice, but she had no choice but to say this
as she knew all too well how important Pierce was to Alice, and it was only her bond with him that
would stop Alice from going off the deep end.

“I know.” Alice lowered her gaze. That was right–for Apollo and Pierce’s sake, she would definitely not
allow anything to happen to her.

However, now that she had returned to fully confront the Woland and Yeager Families, she couldn’t
stay by Caroline’s side any longer. There was a possibility that she might have to leave the Knights
earlier than expected; she might have to bring her wedding day with Ethan forward.

“Alice, if the Rowland Family helps you, don’t turn them down. After all, they’re Apollo’s family, so it’s
not wrong for them to avenge his grandparents.” Jane knew Alice too well, and she wanted to lift her
burden even just by a little.

Hearing that, Alice lifted her eyes to look at Jane. “This is my business in the first place. We shouldn’t
involve Apollo in this, much less the Rowland Family.”

“Alice, you can relax a little sometimes. Don’t be too strict on yourself, and don’t be too cruel to yourself
either…” Jane attempted to convince her.

“Jane, if there are debts that I’m unable to repay, I can’t let myself take on that debt.” Alice gently
interrupted her words.

When Keith saved her life seven years ago, she had already owed him her life. Although he had
proposed to her and James had even shown up at her door to ask for her hand as well, there was no
way she could marry Keith. Even if he was Apollo’s biological father, she couldn’t marry him for that
reason either. Hence, what she had to do now was to maintain her relationship with Keith so that there
wouldn’t be any attachments between them.

Since she was unable to give Keith what he wanted, she would not give him any false hopes. After all,
leading someone on only to reject them later was the most despicable thing a person could do.

Jane gazed at Alice, her lips twitching as the words she wanted to say sat on the tip of her tongue.
However, she could only let out a small sigh in the end. She understood Alice, and she was well aware
that once Alice made a decision, no one was able to make her change her mind.

Alice was scheduled for a night flight, so after finishing her meal, she went to spend some time with
Pierce before she headed to the guest room to catch some shut–eye. As she was in Pierce’s living
quarters, her phone remained off from start to end.

Meanwhile, Ethan was on the brink of a meltdown from searching high and low in Rodcaster for her.

“Mr. Knight, we still haven’t found Young Madam Knight,” Caleb reported for the umpteenth time. They
had nearly turned the entire city over in their attempts to find Alice, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Ethan held his phone in his hand, where a string of numbers was shown on the screen. He had dialed
this number so many times he couldn’t keep track, but not a single one of his calls went through as the
other end was unreachable.

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