That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 163

Ethan Is Going Insane (2)

“Keep looking.” Ethan’s deep voice carried a trace of hoarseness as he realized that the only thing he
could do now was carry on with the search.

Afraid to say anything else, Caleb hastily took his leave.

“How’s it going? Do we still have to look?” Liam, who was passing by, could catch the gist of what had
happened upon seeing Caleb’s expression.

“Yes.” Recalling Ethan’s expression, Caleb added, “Hurry up and start looking. If we don’t succeed
anytime. soon, Mr. Knight will lose his mind.”

“We haven’t been able to find Young Madam Knight with this method at all. I think that there’s a high
possibility she isn’t in Rodcaster. If we keep looking…” Liam voiced his concerns objectively.

“But we don’t have any information of Young Madam Knight leaving Rodcaster.” Caleb instantly cut him

“That’s why I find it weird. Something’s off.” Liam couldn’t help but mutter under his breath, “I’m starting
to think that there’s witchcraft at work.”

“That really may be possible. What else could make Mr. Knight act like this?” Sam joked, “Young
Madam Knight really has Mr. Knight wrapped around her finger this time.”

“That’s Young Madam Knight you’re talking about. So what if she has him wrapped around her finger?
What about it?” Caleb reached out and tapped them with his fingers. “You talk too much.”

“Strange things happen all the time, but particularly this year. Who would’ve thought that Mr. Knight
would turn out like this?” Sam’s laugh turned even jollier.

“Hurry up and get looking. If we still don’t find her, you probably won’t live to see tomorrow.” Caleb
extended a leg and sent Sam a kick. Did they think Ethan was someone they could make fun of?

Hence, Ethan’s men continued to scour every corner of Rodcaster for a day and a night, but they were
not met with any success.

Meanwhile, Alice returned to Rodcaster at around 3.00PM. Using Tanner’s identity as usual, she left
the airport and headed straight to Galerprises.

Galerprises was registered under Archie’s name, and Alice had attended an interview there a while
ago, earning herself a job as a female assistant in the project department. Of course, she used her
identity as Alice Woland to do so.

There were two reasons why she went to Galerprises–firstly, it was to politely reject Ethan’s offer for
her to work at Knight Group some time ago. She entered the Knight Family for Caroline’s sake, and
she would eventually leave one day, so she couldn’t get too attached to Ethan. Secondly, she also
needed a disguise.

Currently, Alice was still dressed as Tanner, and she entered the company with this identity before
taking a private elevator to the top floor where Archie was waiting for her.

“You’re finally back.” Archie let out a small sigh upon seeing her. “I’ve already taken care of everything
on Mr. Lector’s end. I’ll bring the documents over to him in a while and act according to the plan.”

“Okay,” Alice replied softly as she retrieved the documents she prepared and handed them to him.

Archie glanced through them roughly, then let out a scoff. “Since everyone in the Woland Family insists
on having a death wish, we’ll fulfill their wishes now.”

Alice remained silent. If her guess was right and the Woland Family really did have a third party behind
their back, she had no clue how this issue would end.

After putting the documents away, Archie turned to her again. “Recently, the Yeager Family has been
quit active. Bruce has even participated in the bidding for the Riverwale project.”

“Bruce put in a bid for the Riverwale project?” Alice frowned slightly. “Does he have enough funds?
Does he even have a tender that meets the requirements?”

Just the traps she set up in Woland Group for Bruce were enough to keep him busy even if he hadn’t
completely fallen for them yet. How was he still able to bid for the Riverwale project?

“The money came from Thomas. Since Yeager Corp is in so much trouble and can’t operate as usual
anymore, he probably wants to place all his hopes on Woland Group. As for the tender, I’m pretty
certain that he doesn’t have one.”

“You removed everyone with the slightest bit of skills in Woland Group beforehand, and anyone who’s
able to deal with this matter has long left Yeager Corp, so who would be there to write up a tender for
them? I have no idea what Bruce is thinking.”

A trace of derision appeared in the corner of Archie’s lips. “Bruce really is useless. Even without the
traps you set up for him, he failed at managing Woland Group.”

“Woland Group is a train wreck under his leadership. Moreover, he’s only realized the problem with the
working capital now, but not the rest of the traps you set for him in the company. When he finally
notices them, I’m afraid he’ll be done for.”

Alice was not surprised by any of these issues as all of them were within her expectations. “Just let
them kick up a fuss on their own. We’ll take care of Woland Group first.”

“Sure.” Archie was used to heeding her orders over the years and did not protest. “What are you
planning. now? Since you’re dealing with this matter as Tanner in order to prevent the Woland Family
from finding anything related to Pierce, are you planning to show up as Tanner and start facing them

Alice pursed her lips lightly and fell silent for a moment before saying, “I still have to tackle some issues
as Alice Woland.”

She was still worried about Caroline–as her trip to Cliaria was sudden and rushed, she was only able to
speak to her through the phone. Hence, she still wanted to see Caroline again as there were some
things that she had to make clear to her. Besides, she had to get to the bottom of things with Ethan as

“All right. It just so happens that Mr. Affleck from the project department has some business to attend to
at Royale, so it’s perfect for you to make use of your identity as the junior assistant. You can just
change back into Alice and head over with Mr. Affleck.” When it came to Alice’s decisions, Archie never
once doubted them and only had nothing but support for her.

Whilst he spoke, Archie couldn’t help but let out a laugh. “This disguise of yours really is clever. As
expected of you to have the foresight to apply as a junior assistant in the project department ahead of


“Okay.” Alice felt that this plan was more than perfect as well.

Then, she changed into her usual attire and left Galerprises with Mr. Affleck to head toward Royale.

Soon after, Caleb received news of her whereabouts. “Mr. Knight, we’ve found Young Madam Knight. It
seems that she’s currently at Royale.”

“At Royale? She’s still at Royale?” Ethan’s eyes flashed. Had she always been at Royale without

“Yes, Young Madam Knight did leave Royale two days ago. I just found out that she came out of
Galerprises as she signed up for a job there recently and is currently working in the project department.
I was told that the employees at Galerprises have been working overtime these days because of the
Riverwale project, and the information I have now is that Young Madam Knight has been putting in
extra hours at the company for the past two days,” Caleb reported.

He felt extremely conflicted as he said this. After all, they had spent two days turning Rodcaster over to
look for Alice, and Ethan had been searching high and low for her like he’d lost his mind, only to find
out she’d been working overtime at Galerprises.

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