That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 164

What Happens When Ethan Loses His Temper (1)

They had checked all of the vehicles, hotels, and residential areas, as well as every single surveillance
footage they could get their hands on. However, it was a fact that they had not gone looking for her at
every company. After all, who would’ve thought that Alice was in Galerprises and had not left for two
entire days? It didn’t make any sense.

Ethan didn’t think too much of it, nor did he have the heart to at the moment. After hearing the news, he
immediately jumped to his feet before he got into his car and sped away.

As he had left too hastily, he didn’t even take Caleb with him, leaving him to watch helplessly like an
abandoned puppy as Ethan’s car drove into the distance.

On the other hand, Alice had originally planned to head to Royale with Mr. Affleck and go through the
motions before leaving as she was just an assistant in the project department at the moment. Besides,
Archie had already informed Mr. Affleck beforehand.

Alice knew that Caroline was tender–hearted and sensitive, and she was worried about her, so she
planned to rush home to see her.

However, just as she was about to leave, she bumped into Bruce in the hallway. Or, more accurately,
Bruce blocked her path.

Alice’s gaze darkened. What was Bruce doing by stopping her at a time like this? Had he noticed the
problems in Woland Group and realized that it was her doing?

Bruce stood in her way, squeezing a forced smile on his face as he gazed at her in a way that he
assumed was gentle and affectionate. “Alice, are you working at Galerprises now?”

“Yeah.” Alice lowered her head, her eyes as dark as an abyss. She could catch the gist of the reason
why Bruce was looking for her.

Bruce must be seeking her out because he saw her with the project manager of Galerprises earlier. As
he wanted to bid for the Riverwale project as well, there was a huge possibility that he wanted to find
out what was going on at Galerprises.

When Bruce heard her admit to the truth, his eyes gleamed for a split second. “I saw you with Mr.
Affleck from the project department earlier. Are you in Galerprises‘ project department?”

Alice didn’t deny his words. “Yes.”

As a matter of fact, she didn’t want to waste any of her time on him. However, there was something on
her mind, which was the reason why she wasn’t rushing to leave.

Bruce’s eyes clearly brightened, and his voice carried a trace of hope when he spoke next. “Then, do
you know about Galerprises‘ tender regarding the Riverwale project?”

“I’m just an assistant, an errand girl. I’m not too sure,” Alice replied naturally without a hint of guilt in her


“Alice, I know that you like me, and you always wanted to marry me.” Bruce took a few steps toward
her, his eyes boring into her lovingly.

His words snapped Alice out of her thoughts, and she whipped her head upward to look at him, nearly
unable to hide the dumbfounded expression on her face. How thick–skinned could this man get?

Meanwhile, Bruce had no idea what she was thinking and even assumed that she was swooning over
his charm. Curling the corner of his lips upward, he flashed her a smile and said in a sweet voice,
“Alice, as long as you manage to obtain Galerprises‘ tender document, I’ll marry you.”

Alice stared at him, the corners of her lips twitching.

Oh my god, what’s with my luck? It’s one thing to bump into this disgusting thing, but why do I still have
to listen to him spewing gross nonsense? What did I do to deserve this?

At that moment, Alice was considering punching the daylights out of him just to prevent him from
saying anything that would disgust her even further.

She even balled her hand into a fist, but she soon loosened it in the next instant. As she was about to
confront the Woland Family, she was worried that they might have a third party backing them and afraid
there would be unforeseen dangers ahead of her. While she would not personally show her face in the
incident regarding the Glenn Group, the Woland Family or the third party supporting them would
definitely keep a close eye on her.

If she, in a situation like this, were to continue to be involved with Bruce and even steal Galerprises‘
trade secrets out of her infatuation for him, anyone would think that she was just a ‘lovestruck fool, and
no one would suspect her.

That way, she could better cover her tracks and lay low, making her even more capable of protecting
Caroline, Apollo, and Pierce. Hence, this was the perfect plan for her.

Besides, this would directly impact the Yeager Family as well as speed up the process of the plan,
ending things sooner and thoroughly removing the threat. It would be a waste to miss out on this
opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Since Bruce presented himself to her on a silver platter,
there was no blaming her for this.

Meanwhile, Bruce was still coaxing Alice with a sweet tongue. “Don’t worry, Alice, I’ll definitely keep my
word. As long as you get the tender document, I promise that I’ll marry you and give you a grand

At that moment, Ethan had coincidentally rushed upstairs and was at a corner not far away from them.
Thus, he caught wind of Bruce’s promise loud and clear.

Immediately, Ethan’s eyes darkened, turning cold and oozing with murderous intent.

Bruce, you d*ckhead, do you have a death wish? How dare you say that you want to marry my wife?

Ethan’s eyes narrowed dangerously as he lifted his foot with the intention of striding over and sending
Bruce flying with a kick.

However, just then, Alice spoke up. “Okay, I promise you.”

The leg that Ethan had lifted came to a sudden halt in midair and froze in place, the shock causing him
to forget to put his foot down.

What… What did she just say? I promise you? What did she promise? What on earth did she promise
to Bruce?

Ethan’s hand clenched tightly around the stair banister, and his foot finally touched the ground.
However, he was no longer in a hurry to walk over to the two and only remained frozen on the stairway
without budging an inch, as if he were glued in place.

“Really, Alice? You really promise me?” Upon seeing that Alice had agreed, Bruce was clearly elated.

However, there was a trace of mockery in his eyes. He knew that this woman liked him and would do
anything for him like the fool that she was. There was no way he would marry an idiot like her, but as
she still held some value to him, he was still obligated to appease her.

“Alice, I just know that you’re the best. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely treat you well. Once everything’s done,
I’ll marry you and take good care of you.” From the way Bruce was able to spout these empty words so
smoothly, it was clear that he had his fair share of experience in doing so.

After spewing his sweet lies, he didn’t forget to get back to business either. “Alice, try to find a way to
steal the tender document for me when you go to the company tomorrow.”

“But I’m just an assistant, I don’t have access to such an important document.” Although Alice had
already come up with the perfect plan in her mind, she naturally still had to put on a show.

“Just give it a try. If you can’t do that, we’ll think of another plan. Remember, follow my instructions; I’ll
contact you soon.” Bruce trusted Alice even more after hearing her words, and he was currently
gloating inwardly. He didn’t expect things to go so smoothly.

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