That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 167

Ethan’s Seduction (1)

“W–Which part?” The man was still in a dumbfounded state and was unable to return to his senses. As
he met Ethan’s eyes, he subconsciously took a few steps back..

However, he was able to quickly collect himself and reply, “If it’s someone like Mr. Knight, any woman
would be head over heels for you. What else could they be after?”

Ethan’s lips curved upward slightly, his arms still tightly trapping Alice in his embrace. “Let’s go home.”

The man was once again stunned into silence. Was Ethan planning to take this woman straight back to
the Knight Residence? Didn’t the rumors say that he usually didn’t have any interest in women? If that
were the case, why was he taking a woman home from Royale so openly? The rumors were all a lie!


Meanwhile, Alice continued to lean in Ethan’s arms obediently, allowing him to escort her from Royale.
He only released her from his grip when they arrived at the car and opened the passenger seat door for
her, indicating for her to get in.

Alice didn’t refuse as she was already planning to visit Caroline at the Knight Residence. As she sat in
the car, she thought about Ethan biting her earlier and wondered why he did that.

Once Ethan got into the car as well, he noticed that Alice was spacing out, as if her thoughts had
drifted far away, and she didn’t even spare him a glance when he entered the car.

Ethan quietly exhaled. Head over heels for him, his foot! He was well aware that if he didn’t take the
initiative, the woman before him would not even utter a word to him.

“Where have you been these days?” Forget it, I’ll just be assertive for once. Besides, he was extremely
curious about where exactly she had gone for the past few days.

At the sound of his voice, Alice returned to her senses and turned to look at him.

Before she could speak, Ethan added, “Don’t tell me you’ve been working overtime at Galerprises. You
can lie to others, but don’t try to lie to me. I don’t want to listen to any lies.”

Alice jolted, her eyes glinting. “Then I won’t say it.”

This matter involved too many things, including Pierce’s safety. Besides, she didn’t want to deceive
Ethan with lies either, so she decided not to say anything at all.

Ethan’s chest tightened at her straightforwardness. Great, just great! If he hadn’t been driving, he felt
like he might’ve bitten her head off, just like what he nearly did at Royale.

In fact, he still wanted to say something—at least to let her know how he felt—until he recalled when
she said she wouldn’t like him, and she was even preparing to retire from being his wife at any
moment. If he really did tell her something at this moment, his little fox would most likely run far away
from him. Forget it. I’ll just take it slow. She was already his wife anyway, and they still had the rest of
their lives ahead of


“I heard from Caroline that your brother has been in a coma ever since a car accident befell him seven
years ago.” While he could hide his feelings, he still had to talk to her about Pierce; he really wanted to
help her out.

A flash darted past Alice’s eyes before she gently nodded. “Yeah.”

At first, she had never told Caroline about Pierce as she was still a child, and she was afraid that

would not be able to keep a secret. However, Caroline was a shrewd brat and snuck into her car once,
following Jane to Pierce’s living quarters where she ended up finding out about him. However, Alice
moved Pierce away after that.

“I know a neurology specialist who might be able to help. Find a time that’s good for you, and I’ll send
him over to take a look at your brother.” In fact, Ethan had already contacted this neurologist two days
ago, but this matter got delayed as he hadn’t been able to contact Alice.

“Okay.” Alice’s eyes brightened. She knew Ethan’s capabilities well, and the people he contacted were
definitely not just anyone. While she could reject his help in other matters, she couldn’t turn him down
when it came to Pierce.

“Thank you.” At that moment, her heart was filled with gratitude toward Ethan. It had been seven years,
and there was not a single second where she was not yearning for Pierce to open his eyes again.

She had thought of every method on the face of the earth, but none of them worked. However, what if
the doctor Ethan had found did, and what if Pierce could wake up after all?

Alice felt a shimmer of hope once again. “I owe you for this; I’ll definitely pay you back in the future.”

On the contrary, despair filled Ethan’s heart at her words. As her husband, wasn’t it par for the course
for him to do these things? However, he soon let out a small breath to calm himself down. Get used to
it, Ethan Knight. If you don’t, she might end up driving you insane.

Once he had comforted himself, Ethan turned to look at her. “Make sure to keep it in mind and take
your time.”

It was not a bad idea to let her remember his favor; he was just afraid that this heartless little fox would
not take anything to heart. As for everything else, he could just take it slow so that he wouldn’t force her
into a corner.

As soon as Alice arrived at the Knight Residence, Caroline immediately pounced on her. “Mommy,
you’re finally back!”

“Yeah.” A gentle smile bloomed on Alice’s face as she looked at the elation on Caroline’s face.

At first, Alice planned to make it clear to Caroline after returning to the Knight Residence that she would
start using Tanner’s identity in the future and carry out the second half of her plan.

At this moment, however, she couldn’t bring herself to say the words when she saw Caroline’s
delighted expression. Besides, she was now planning to go along with Bruce’s plan, and she would still
be using her identity as Alice, so she could still spend a few more days with Caroline.

Britney, who had been sitting in the living room, stood up. “You’re finally back. Caroline has been
talking about you for all of the two days you weren’t at home.”

Although there was a smile on her face, it clearly carried a look of conflict as well.

Alice glanced at Britney. She could sense her worry, but as a matter of fact, Britney did not have to
worry about her at all. This time, the point of her return was to end her marriage with Ethan early,
putting an end to things. However, as Caroline was still present, she did not say anything else.

Following that, Alice took Caroline upstairs and coaxed her to sleep when she received a text from
Ethan. His message was simple yet direct, and it only contained a single sentence–‘Come to my room.

‘Do you need anything?‘ Alice didn’t want to head over at all. She hadn’t had a proper rest in the past

days, and all she wanted to do right now was sleep. Besides, she had already decided to bring forward
the end of her marriage with Ethan, so she naturally wanted to avoid getting involved with him any
further as much as possible.

However, Ethan didn’t seem troubled and replied, ‘Let’s talk about the neurologist.’

Seeing that, Alice immediately opened her half–shut eyes and shot up, her fatigue disappearing as she
speedily changed her clothes and headed to Ethan’s room. Upon reaching his room, she knocked on
his door.

“Come in.” Ethan’s low voice sounded from inside.

Hearing that, Alice pushed the door open.

Although it had been some time since she moved into the Knight Residence and she had always been
staying on the second floor with him, it was her first time stepping into his room. Ethan’s room was
vast, and the decor was well–matched to his tastes. However, Alice’s attention was not on his room’s
decor, but rather on the fact that Ethan was nowhere to be seen.

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