That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 165

What Happens When Ethan Loses His Temper (2)

Bruce proved himself to be quite skilled in coercion as he added, “Alice, I bought a present that I
wanted to give to you, but I wasn’t able to meet you. I’ll let someone send it over to you tomorrow, so
be good.”

In order to get his hands on the tender document, he was still able to immerse himself in the act.

“Okay,” Alice replied softly before she lowered her head. Though it looked as if she was being meek
and infatuated with him, her eyes were filled with cold mockery.

Damn, where did Bruce get all his pride and confidence from?

If it weren’t for her plan to conceal herself in order to protect Apollo and Pierce even better, she
would’ve already sent him flying to a different planet by now.

“Alice, I still have some matters to attend to. Go home for now and wait for my present tomorrow.”
Bruce was particularly satisfied with Alice’s behavior as well as smug, assuming that he had everything
under his control.

He had plans with someone else, so he left after finishing his conversation with Alice.

As she watched him leave, Alice secretly took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, and it was only by
repeating this a few times that she managed to swallow her disgust. After she calmed down, she strode
forward again, but as she turned the corner, a pair of long legs that were blocking her way entered her

These legs were lean and shapely, and the well–fitted slacks they were wrapped in enhanced their
seductiveness. After admiring the pair of long legs, she remembered with a jolt that she should take a
look at their owner.

Her gaze trailed up the aesthetically pleasing legs before she was met with a face that was quite
familiar to her. The face was just as visually appealing, but alas…

Ethan leaned slightly on the wall, his feet casually placed on the ground as his eyes bored into her.
There was a cigarette clasped between his slender fingers, but it was unlit.

“What a coincidence, Mr. Knight.” Alice was momentarily taken aback, but she still greeted him with a
smile. After all, they had signed the papers and lived under the same roof, so it would be quite impolite
for her to ignore him after bumping into him headfirst like this.

However, how long had he been standing here? Did he hear anything earlier?

Alice looked at the unlit cigarette between Ethan’s fingers, wondering if he had just come out and
hadn’t had the time to light it, or if it was unlit because he had overheard something.

Ethan stared at her without speaking, and he didn’t show any other reaction either.

Alice blinked, recalling that their relationship could not be revealed to the public. In that case, she
should pretend that she didn’t know him, shouldn’t she?

Thus, she straightened herself and trained her eyes to the front, preparing to walk away.

However, just as she was about to walk past him, Ethan reached out and grabbed her all of a sudden.
Before she could react, he had already pinned her onto the wall beside them.

Ethan braced his arms on the wall, enveloping her in a classic wall slam. However, it was clear that it

not his intention as his body was not touching hers at all.

“Do you still remember who you are?” Although the position they were currently in was the complete
opposite of proper, Ethan’s expression couldn’t be any more serious. His voice was deep and grave,

the air that surrounded him was ice cold.

He’d looked for her for two days and two nights and hurriedly rushed over once he received news of
her and what did he get? Her talking about marriage with another man? Did she forget her identity?
She was now his wife, his lawfully wedded wife!

“I do.” Alice nodded obediently as she looked at him with an adorably clueless expression.

“Tell me.” It was almost as if there was a halo of glowing light rippling in the depths of his eyes, but it
was so faint that it could not be seen clearly under the dark night.

Since she answered in such a docile manner, Ethan was suddenly looking forward to hearing her
answer. In fact, he had never believed that she had feelings for Bruce. Perhaps she had other reasons
for promising him earlier.

“I’m your temporary wife, ready to retire anytime…” Alice replied without any hesitation, the words
flowing smoothly and quickly out of her mouth as if it weren’t her first time uttering them.

Besides, her retirement was most likely descending upon her soon as she was preparing to talk to
Ethan about ending their marriage early.

Ethan stared at her, his eyes darker than the night sky. He was exuding a frosty chill, and under the
flickering light, it seemed to cast a sharp shadow over him. His hand, which was on the wall, crushed
the cigarette between his fingers into scraps that scattered on Alice’s shoulder.

Temporary wife? Ready to retire anytime? How did she come to such a misconception? How dare she
have the nerve to think about retiring all the time? And why am I getting the urge to throttle her?

Looking at the cigarette scraps that fell on her shoulder, Alice blinked. All of a sudden, she had an
illusion that Ethan might wish to crush something else into pieces–for example, herself.

No, it must be an illusion! After all, she was sweet and obedient, kind and caring, as well as
understanding, so she would definitely not be wrong! She was just telling the truth as it was and was
even going along with his wishes, or was he worried about her causing trouble for the Knight Family?

Ethan could have overheard her conversation with Bruce, so he might have been afraid that she would
do something that would affect the Knight Family.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Knight. I won’t cause any trouble for the Knight Family.” Alice declared her stance

Although they had signed the marriage papers and she was living in the Knight Residence, she had
never thought of taking advantage of them. If it weren’t for Caroline, she wanted more than anyone else
to cut off all ties with Ethan.

“Do you think that you alone… can cause trouble for the Knight Family?” Ethan narrowed his eyes and
growled in a deep voice, the frosty aura that emanated from him causing the surrounding temperature
to drop as if there was a gust of cold wind blowing toward them.

Even if she sent the sky crashing down, it still wouldn’t be a problem for the Knight Family. Besides,
she was now one of them, and yet she was talking about causing trouble for them? Her courteous
words were like a huge cotton wad, causing Ethan’s chest to feel stuffy.


Alice was rendered speechless. Is this a show of power? Am I being put in my place again?

Inwardly reminding herself that she was a sophisticated and well–mannered woman, Alice sent him a
polite smile. “Mr. Knight, I still have other matters to attend to. Can I leave?”

However, Ethan continued to stare at her, neither budging an inch nor saying a single word in reply.

Alice glanced at the position of his arm that was braced on the wall and bent over slightly, carefully
making her way out.

She didn’t want to stay with him any longer–he wasn’t gentle nor caring, and not only was he unable to
keep a conversation going, but he had a sharp tongue as well. Who would want to spend more than a
minute around him? Besides, she had already decided to end their marriage earlier. She would no
longer have any ties with him in the future..

She shifted away, trying her best not to touch him or rub against him in any way, but she had just made
it halfway when his long legs moved and pressed themselves between her legs.

Before she could stop herself, her body immediately came into contact with his legs. Moreover, she just
so happened to be dressed in a short skirt today.

“What are you doing?” Alice yelped, her voice even cracking from her surprise.

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