That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 166

What Happens When Ethan Loses His Temper (3)

As the position the two were in was just too suggestive and embarrassing, Alice dared not move all of a
sudden. Hence, she froze in place and stared at Ethan with her eyes widened.

However, while Ethan’s legs did not move any further, he didn’t show any intention of moving them
away either. Was he doing it on purpose? Either way, she couldn’t spot a single trace of abashment or
discomfort on his face at all.

Alice’s ears flushed red at their awkward position.

“Can you move your legs away?” Alice had clearly gotten meeker, and her voice had turned softer as
well. This position was just too suggestive and embarrassing.

Did he not notice at all?

As a matter of fact, Ethan was not as calm as he seemed on the outside. The moment his legs touched
her body, he felt a spark course through his body. At that moment, he even had the urge to press her
against the wall and fiercely capture her lips with his. If it weren’t for her look of wariness and caution,
he might’ve already kissed her.

He quietly let out a sigh, thinking that she must’ve been born to antagonize him.

Ethan felt another wave of frustration upon recalling her talks of marriage with Bruce from earlier. He
didn’t believe that she wanted to marry that man, not even for a second. However, from her words, it
seemed that she was genuinely planning to steal the tender document for Bruce. What exactly was she


Not only did Ethan refuse to move his legs away, but he even pressed himself closer to her. “Have I
ever told you that the Knight Family will never allow ourselves to be compromised?”

He had no clue why she would agree to Bruce’s request, but he wanted to tell her that now that she
had married him and joined the Knight Family, she didn’t have to compromise herself, no matter what
the situation was.

Alice was a little confused and assumed that he was talking about Caroline. “I remember, but I’ve never
allowed Caroline to get hurt. I raised her with my own hands. I would never let that happen.”

Ethan’s eyes darkened at her words, his teeth gnashing against each other. So, she had never treated
herself as a part of the Knight Family? She married into their family and became his wife, but she had
never thought of herself as one of them?

“Are you a part of the Knight Family?” Ethan suppressed his emotions and growled through his teeth.
“No,” Alice said without the slightest hint of hesitation, replying to him at the speed of light.

Ethan’s heart lurched, and he only felt as if there was something wedged in his chest, making him

to breathe.

She was his lawfully wedded wife and the daughter–in–law of the Knight Family, but she was now
telling him that she wasn’t a part of his family? Right now, he had the urge to crack her head open and
see what exactly was going on in her mind.

Due to Ethan deliberately leaning in closer to her, the distance between them shortened, and his legs
were now in direct contact with her skin. This sensation…

“C–Can you please move for now?” Alice’s body was still

Stiff from fear of moving an inch, but because she did not budge, she was still touching him, and the
feeling was just too strange.

“What if I don’t?” Ethan, who had always been calm and collected, had no idea how childish he was

They were a duly married couple, so what was the problem with their current actions? He thought it
was normal; why should he move?

Alice immediately whipped up to look at him with a pair of wide eyes that were filled with confusion.
Was this the Ethan that she knew?

They were already a breath away from each other, and as Alice was slightly taller than average and
Ethan was slightly bent over, her suddenly raising her head caused the distance between their faces to
be pulled even closer than before.

Her red lips appeared before his eyes, slightly parted and fanning her warm breath on his face.
Perhaps due to her astonishment, she was a little out of it, and her expression carried a naive
seduction that she didn’t even notice she had.

Ethan felt his throat constrict at the sight, his eyes turning dark. The urge to seal her lips with his was
overwhelming him.

Just then, Alice spotted someone else walking toward them from the other end of the corridor, and she
subconsciously spoke up. “Someone’s coming.”

Looking at her crimson lips and her tempting yet unaware look, he immediately pressed Alice tightly
against his chest, not wanting anyone to see her like this.

When she was pressed against his chest, Alice first froze for a moment before she recalled that their
marriage was a secret and they couldn’t let any outsiders find out about their relationship, so Ethan
was most likely hiding this fact. Hence, she quietly went along with him and kept still in his embrace.

Ethan’s lowered eyes bored into the woman who was meekly leaning in his arms, a smile slowly and
uncontrollably curling his lips upward. She really was adorable when she was obedient.

Ethan pressed his lips to her neck, feeling the warmth of her breath and the softness of her skin, and
the frustration that had been clogging his heart dissipated immediately. As her pale and smooth skin
filled his sight, he was unable to resist the urge to gently nibble on her neck.

Instantly, Alice froze all over. While her face was buried in his chest, her eyes were blown wide open.
What was Ethan doing? Was he biting her? Was he really biting her? He wasn’t trying to bite her head
off, was he?

In fact, Ethan was not applying any force, nor did he dare to. However, even though he was being
gentle, he noticed that a layer of sweat was covering his forehead. He realized that when it came to
Alice, it was as if all of his self–control had disappeared. As he’d thought, this little fox really was a
curse to him!

As the man walked over from the other end of the corridor and saw the two of them tightly pressed
against the wall, he let out a laugh. “Buddy, you should get a room. You’re embarrassing the poor girl.”

“You’ll never find a partner if you’re this eager…” The man paused slightly before he added, “And I
mean a good partner. You don’t even know how to respect others, so how could you expect her to
genuinely like

you back?”

“With the way you’re acting, if the girl is willing to accept you, she’s either after your money or your
body. Women are more open–minded than men nowadays, you know.”

Ethan’s eyes gleamed at his words. Even if she was after his wealth or his body, it was fine as long as
she was after something he had.

“Look at you, buddy. What do you think a woman would want from you…”

The man was just about to continue his long–winded speech when Ethan turned around slightly and
sent him a glance.

The man’s next words got jammed in his throat as his eyes widened. He looked at the man before him
as if he had seen a ghost. “M–Mr. Knight?“.

I’m not seeing things, right? Mr. Knight is holding a woman in his arms and kissing her?

Ethan’s hand pressed on the back of Alice’s head as he shielded her tightly from view. He glanced at
the thunderstruck man, suddenly asking, “Why don’t you tell me which part of me she’s after?”

“W–Which part?” The man was still in a dumbfounded state and was unable to return to his senses. As
he met Ethan’s eyes, he subconsciously took a few steps back.

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