That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 170

Why, Ethan Knight (2)

Caleb then said, “Mr. Knight, we have yet to find anything else about the paternity test that Young
Madam Knight got done last time. That being said, I guess the test was probably done on Pierce
Woland and Old Mr. Woland.” Although he had been tracking Alice down over the past few days, he
didn’t neglect Ethan’s earlier instructions on the paternity test either. However, Lydia was really good at
keeping things confidential, so they didn’t manage to find out or elicit anything from her.

As Alice had talked to Keith previously, Caleb even suspected whether the man had something to do
with it. After that, however, the incident about Charles broke out. Now that they knew Pierce was still
alive, he surmised that Alice might have had the paternity test done on Pierce and Charles. If that really
were the case, the test would have little to do with his boss.

Ethan’s brow furrowed slightly. If what Caleb said was true, it would actually make sense. Furthermore,
given Alice’s situation, it was unnecessary for her to have a paternity test done to spite him. Even so,
he didn’t want to give up just yet. He wanted to dig deeper; perhaps they would find something else.
“Keep looking into it.”

Meanwhile, at this very moment, the Glenn Group was being turned upside down. Staring at the few
people before him in complete stupefaction, Elijah yelled, “What nonsense are you talking about? No
way! This can’t be possible!”

Mr Lector, the attorney, looked very serious. “Mr. Woland, here are the documents signed by my client,
Mr. Pierce Woland. All of them have both his signatures and his handprints. As for his fingerprints,
we’ve had them identified by a professional agency, so we have a professional document proving that
they’re indeed his.”

Elijah was both unwilling and unable to accept something like this. “No way! Pierce already died seven
years ago. Who knows where you guys got these documents from?”

Mr. Lector’s expression remained unchanged. “I spent two days getting all the identification done and
going through all the formal procedures. Mr. Woland, I can produce all kinds of legally valid evidence to
answer your suspicions.”

Elijah was not only useless at doing business; he was useless at other things, too. “Who can be sure
that these documents were signed by Pierce recently? They could’ve been signed long ago! Yes, that’s
right! They must’ve been signed long ago. Pierce already died seven years ago, so these must’ve been
signed long ago. They’re surely not valid anymore after such a long time!”

Mr. Lector handed a document to him immediately. “Here’s the report of the fingerprint identification. It
proves that all the fingerprints on these documents were made within the last three days, which means
these handprints were made by Mr. Pierce Woland within the last three days.”

Elijah instantly threw the report aside. “No way! This can’t be possible! I don’t believe this! I’m not
gonna acknowledge this. The Glenn Group is mine, and I’m the only one who calls the shot here! I
won’t acknowledge anything else.”

Mr. Lector replied, “Mr. Woland, I’m an attorney appointed by Mr. Pierce Woland. If you refuse to
cooperate, I’ll have no choice but to deal with this by legal means, by which time I can’t guarantee what
kind of trouble you’ll get into.” The underlying threat in his words was clear enough. Moreover, he had
some law enforcement officers come with him today.

A good–for–nothing wimp, Elijah dared not shoot from the hip again for a moment. He also knew he
wasn’t justified in having the Glenn Group to himself. He didn’t have to be afraid in the past when
Pierce was dead, but what if Pierce were still alive? The man could take back everything with just a
single word. “Where’s Pierce? Get him to come out and show himself! Is this how he’s trying to get rid
of me? I’m his


uncle!” He was unwilling to leave in such a way. If he were to do so today, he might really end up losing

Mr. Lector was already used to seeing shameless people like Elijah, so he didn’t even bat an eye.
“Pierce Woland has appointed me to deal with everything and sent specialized personnel to take over
the company. As for your fate in the company, Mr. Woland, it’s up to the person in charge of the

Only then did Quinton step forward after quietly waiting aside the whole time? “I’m the person
appointed by Pierce to be in charge of the Glenn Group. Starting from now, I’ll take over the company.
As for you, Mr. Elijah, Mr. Pierce Woland has ordered that you be fired and driven out of the company
immediately.” Elijah never thought he would get driven out of the company at once. In an instant, he
angrily swore, “How dare you! I’ll see who dares to get me out of here! Who are you to do this to me?
Where’s Pierce? Tell him to come and see me!”

Quinton immediately summoned the security guards. “Guards, get him out of here.” It’s totally
unnecessary to be polite with such a scoundrel.

As a consequence, Elijah got thrown out of the company by the security guards. He almost spat blood
in anger, but he couldn’t do anything about it. So, he had no choice but to go home to Charles to
discuss the solution with the latter.

Charles was also both shocked and furious upon learning about this. “Pierce’s actually still alive? He
wants to take back the Glenn Group and has banished you from the company?”

“That’s right! They had the security guards throw me out of the company right away.” Elijah foamed at
the mouth at the mention of this.

“Where is Pierce? Get him to come and see me! I don’t believe I can’t do anything about him as his
grandfather!” Charles‘ face darkened visibly with a hint of cruelty in his eyes. “I thought he already died

seven years ago. Who would’ve thought he’d be lucky enough to survive?”

Elijah replied, “Dad, Pierce never showed up the whole time. He appointed an attorney to handle it, so I
didn’t get to see him at all. Say, if Pierce is still alive, why didn’t he show up?” Obviously, he couldn’t

this out.

Charles frowned slightly. “You mean Pierce never showed up?”

Elijah nodded repeatedly and replied, “Yeah, he never showed up. He appointed somebody to deal with

Charles‘ eyes flickered for an instant. “Something’s odd about this. Since Pierce didn’t show up
personally, we can refuse to acknowledge this.”

Elijah, a good–for–nothing, was clever this time. “No, we can’t. Pierce didn’t show up, but he had
everything arranged perfectly. They’ve gone through legal procedures and had specialized law
enforcement officers come along with them, so it’s not up to us to refuse to acknowledge it.”

Charles‘ face went through several expressions of anger. “How impudent! How dare he do this to us!”

Elijah didn’t know to appease the old man, though. He just wanted to ask Charles for advice. “Dad,

should we do now?”

Charles was smart enough to have it figured out. “If Pierce really is still alive, we’ll surely lose the Glenn
Group. This is really gonna be troublesome.

Elijah knew to make his choice at this critical moment. “Actually, the Glenn Group didn’t make much
money in the past few years. We still have so many good items and so many family properties in our
hands, all of which can be sold for money. What about we give up fighting for the company?”

Charles replied. That’s all we can do for now. Give me some time to think about other solutions.”
Cunning as he was, he was just an uneducated old man from the countryside. For a moment, he
couldn’t come up with any good solutions.

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