That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 168

Ethan’s Seduction (2)

Alice’s attention was not on his room’s decor, but rather on the fact that Ethan was nowhere to be seen.
Just as she was wondering where he had gone, the bathroom door opened, and Ethan walked out.

Ethan might have just finished taking a shower as his body was still dripping with water. He wore a
bathrobe that hung precariously from his frame, and the loosely knotted sash that seemed like it would
come apart any moment held the bathrobe together, but only barely, sloppily covering his waist.
Droplets of water slowly rolled down his half–exposed chest, continuing down his body until they
disappeared at…

Alice stood frozen in place, her eyes trained on Ethan, the shock causing her to forget to react all of a

Meanwhile, Ethan seemed to be unaware of what was wrong with his attire, and he proceeded to walk
toward her just like that until he came to a stop directly in front of her. At this distance, she could clearly
count every single droplet of water on his body, as well as…..

Alice blinked once, then twice. Was this something she should be seeing? In fact, was this even the
Ethan that she knew? So, this was how he acted in private. Did she show up at the wrong time?
However, Ethan was the one who had texted her to come over. Or, perhaps he didn’t expect her to
show up so soon. After all, she arrived here at lightning speed; as soon as she heard that it had to do
with Pierce, she immediately headed to his room without wasting any time.

At that moment, Alice was a little out of it, so she completely forgot about what Lydia had told her two
days ago.

As Ethan looked at the clearly distracted Alice, his lips curled upward slowly, and he asked deliberately,
“What are you spacing out for?”

Alice blinked rapidly. Wasn’t it normal for her to space out in a situation like this? Wasn’t it?

She quietly let out a breath, trying her best to avert her gaze from Ethan’s body as she got straight to
the point. “Mr. Knight, did you ask me to come over to talk about hiring a doctor for my brother?”

“Yeah,” Ethan replied softly. He remained standing in front of her without moving, and he didn’t seem to
have any intention of slightly pulling his bathrobe shut.

presence was

Hence, even if Alice was doing all she could to look away from him, it was impossible for her to
completely avoid him due to their close proximity. Even if she turned away from him, his still tightly
enveloping her, making her feel like she was about to suffocate from nervousness.

“Let’s talk about it.” As if he couldn’t sense the problem at all, Ethan even approached Alice a little
more, shortening the distance between them.

Alice secretly let out a breath, telling herself to remain calm. This was Ethan’s bedroom; he was in his
own bedroom, and he had just taken a shower. Hence, this was all normal. If anything, it was her fault
for showing up so soon.

While it didn’t occur to Alice that Ethan was doing it on purpose at all, she couldn’t just waltz up to him
and fix his bathrobe for him. Besides, she had seen everything, so what was the point of that? It was
better to quickly get their talk over so that she could leave.

As Ethan looked at Alice’s evasive gaze and her evidently flushed neck, a smile appeared on the
corner of his lips. Did that mean his seduction worked? At the very least, she was still affected by his…

Not daring to show the glee on his face too openly, he pretended to get down to business as if nothing
had happened. “I’ve already contacted the neurologist in Cliaria. Should I send him over, or…”

Alice quickly picked up where he left off. “I’ll send someone to take Pierce over to him.”

She wasn’t doing this because she suspected Ethan, but because she was always cautious when it
came to Pierce. Besides, she wouldn’t go with him either. If she showed up, she would definitely bring
danger to Pierce. Hence, she decided to let Jane take him to receive his treatment instead.

As she talked about Pierce, Alice completely discarded all her embarrassment, and she stopped
looking away from him, meeting his gaze instead.

While her eyes were trained on his face, the difference in their height made it so that if her gaze shifted
even by an inch, she would catch sight of his bare chest that was dripping with water.

Though she tried her best, she was ultimately unable to hold herself back. Letting out a small breath,
she then lifted both of her hands and reached out to him.

Ethan’s eyes flashed rapidly as he watched Alice extend her hands to him. Was she finally giving in to
his temptation and about to do something to him? They were a lawfully wedded couple, so it would be
perfectly reasonable if she really intended to put her hands on him, and since it was reasonable, he
should and would not refuse.

As he looked at Alice’s approaching hands, his eyes evidently darkened, a look of expectation
appearing in his gaze.

And yet, in the next second, Alice grabbed his bathrobe and quickly yanked both sides together, pulling
it tight around him. Then, she grabbed the sash and tied it firmly into a knot, so firmly that it forced the
breath out of Ethan. Her movements were quick and decisive without the slightest pause, and most

importantly, her hands only touched the bathrobe from start to end and did not come into contact with
him at all.

Ethan looked at her, a little dumbfounded. Was this… normal?

Meanwhile, Alice could finally relax, relieved from her embarrassment.

Seeing that Ethan was clearly dumbstruck, Alice gave him a kindhearted reminder. “You should still
learn to protect yourself even if you’re a man. I’m only telling you this for Caroline’s sake.”

After all, now that Caroline had returned to the Knight Residence, Ethan was currently her father. If he
were to be caught up with an unruly woman, she was afraid that it would hurt Caroline.

Ethan narrowed his eyes at her with his lips slightly pursed, so furious that he didn’t feel like speaking
to her.

She’s reminding me on Caroline’s behalf? So, she only did that because of Caroline? Do I have to
thank her, then?

Alice paused for a second before she added, “After all, not everyone can keep their hands to

like me,”

Ethan let out a vicious exhale.

Damn you for keeping your hands to yourself! I don’t need you to do that! You hear me?! She’ll be the
death of me one day! Why did he decide to marry a woman like this? It really was just his luck! In other
words, was his seduction a complete failure? Did it not work at all? Did she not feel anything when she
saw him like that earlier?

Ethan huffed in exasperation, wanting to bite her.

“Mr. Knight, send the neurologist’s address to me so that I can send someone to take my brother
there.” Oblivious to the despair Ethan was feeling, Alice continued, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll be
heading back to


After she finished speaking, she prepared to leave after seeing that Ethan was not replying.

Ethan huffed viciously, then took another deep breath. What else could he say?

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