That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 172

Why, Ethan Knight (4)

As a result, they never saved any money at all.

Fearing that the other Wolands would ask her family for money, Amelia also complained about being
short of money. “We’ve run out of money, too,” she said. “The Glenn Group has been making less and
less honey in recent years. The money has been distributed to you all, so we don’t have much left.”

“What’s the use of saying this right now?! The most important thing at the moment is to figure out what
to de from now on!” Charles barked.

Elijah suggested, “Let’s go to Alice! We can ask her for money and demand that she provide for us.
We’re her family, and Dad and Mom are her own grandparents. She’s got to support us, no?” It was
really shameless of him to have the face to say something like this at this very moment. He totally
forgot how he had tried to have Alice tracked down and killed.

Amelia argued, “Alice doesn’t have anything right now. She’s given the Woland Group to Bruce, so how
could she have any money left?” She wasn’t speaking for Alice, though; she really thought Alice was

Bethany, on the other hand, was completely brainless. “Amelia’s right! Alice’s got no money to be
squeezed out of her anymore, or Dad wouldn’t have had to scheme-”

“Just shut your mouth!” Charles glared at her, losing his temper at once.

Elijah had some brains at this moment, though. “This is all Pierce’s doing! Let’s find out where he is
and ask him for money!”

“Where are we supposed to look for him? He appointed a lawyer to handle the Glenn Group’s affairs!
Where are we gonna look for him?” Charles also wanted to find out where Pierce was. The point was,

how were they supposed to look for him?

Bethany suggested, “We’ll go to Alice. She certainly knows where Pierce is!” In reality, her purpose was
to find a way to get money. “As long as we’ve found Pierce, we’ll be able to ask him for money in the

“Let’s have Alice come back and ask her about it, then.”

“But Alice isn’t answering our calls now after what happened last time. She definitely won’t come back.”

“That’s enough! Stop quarreling, all of you! Let me think about this,” Charles thundered to interrupt their
quarrel. “You all may leave now. Just go wherever you’re supposed to. I want to get some rest.”
Looking at the people crowding the room, he felt a headache coming on. Immediately, he began
chasing them away.

Bethany retorted, “Dad, where else can we go? We’ve lost everything now. We’ve got no choice but to
follow you around.” She instantly took up a bed in the room.

Amelia quickly followed suit by taking up the other bed.

Taking a look at the chaotic scene before him, Charles was both angry and resentful. After leaving the -
hotel room, he found a quiet spot and dialed a number. The moment he got through, he muttered under

his breath, “You’ve seen the situation now. We’ve been kicked out with nothing left, so you mustn’t
leave us high and dry.”

The person on the other end probably agreed to meet with him. Charles nodded repeatedly, saying,
“Alright, I’ll be there right away.”

No sooner had Charles left the hotel than Alice got word of it. She immediately instructed, “Follow him

and see who he’s going to meet.” At first, she merely guessed that there might be a third party involved
in this, so the purpose of her being so ruthless toward the Wolands was to force the third party to come
into the open. However, she didn’t expect the third party to lose their composure so soon.

She guessed the third party might’ve learned that Pierce was still alive, which was why they were so
anxious to meet with Charles. That person had obviously attempted to root out her whole family seven
wears ago. She was lucky to have survived, but she had been hunted over the past seven years. If the
person were to know that Pierce was still alive, they would definitely strike again!

After leaving the hotel, Charles took a cab to a relatively secluded clubhouse, where a man was waiting
for him. As soon as Charles entered the room, the man growled, “What the hell’s going on? How could
Pierce be still alive?”

Charles didn’t put on airs as usual in front of the man. He humbly replied, “I also have no idea what’s
going on! What should we do now?”

“Find out where Pierce is. Since he’s still alive, we’ll get rid of him. We mustn’t keep him alive!” said the
man with unconcealed viciousness on his face.

Charles‘ voice became somewhat quieter. “How are we supposed to look for him? We don’t even know
where he is right now!”

The man’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Pierce hasn’t shown up for seven years. Why would he make such
a huge scene all of a sudden? Could Alice have something to do with this?”

“I don’t think so. Alice doesn’t know anything, so she couldn’t possibly orchestrate something like this.”
Charles still believed that Alice wasn’t a threat at all.

The man had a thoughtful look on his face, though. “I think Alice might be involved in this. Don’t forget
that you guys failed to harm her just a couple of days ago before something like this happened.
Perhaps this was planned by her alone.”

Charles asked gingerly, “What do you mean?”

“If Alice really was the mastermind behind this, then she must know where Pierce is. As long as we
catch her, we’ll definitely be able to find out where he is, by which time we’ll be able to get rid of them
both simultaneously,” the man said with a visibly murderous expression. “If this was really arranged by
Alice, we have to get rid of her as soon as possible.”

Charles argued, “What is Alice capable of, anyway? She’s just a little girl, and a little girl can’t pose any
threat to you-” In reality, he was scared after the previous incident. He didn’t want to kill anyone
anymore. After all, if he got found out after killing someone, he would definitely come to a sticky end.

The man looked at him coldly. “A little girl? Your family regards women as inferior to men, but the
Moreno Family’s women are much more-” he said, only to break off mid–sentence upon realizing that
he had made a slip of the tongue. He quickly changed the subject, saying, “Okay, I’ll get someone to
look into Alice again. If we find anything wrong about her, we mustn’t keep her alive. Moreover, if this
was really Alice’s doing, we’ll certainly be able to find Pierce through her.”

In the end, Charles went back worriedly.

Meanwhile, after Bruce urged her once again, Alice handed him a tender document.

After getting the document, Bruce quickly glanced through it with a look of delight. “I heard earlier that
Galerprises‘ tender document was pretty good, but I didn’t expect it to be this good. Well, I can rest
assured now. This time’s project will definitely be ours.”

Seeing the way he looked, Alice reminded him while suppressing her disgust, saying, “The order of
submission is still very important.” After all, this act was arranged by her, so it was only natural that no
mistakes could be made. It was more suitable for Bruce to take the initiative to do something than for

to do so.

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